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There’s a tremendous growing concern in our environment on the use of energy. “ The United States consumes 33 times as much energy per person as India, 13 times as much as China, and two and a half times as much as Japan.”(National Renewable Energy Laboratory). Extreme energy Consumption impacts peoples’ lives and affects the entire world. Energy expenditure causes many environmental contributing problems resulting in Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Solid Waste, Climate Changes, and Global Warming (CO2), this greenhouse gas is created by Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil we use for energy. Energy is the foundation of our everyday lives; Electricity, natural gas, propane, wood, Wind, transportation and in making Products that we buy. Energy efficiency and conservation is crucial for our Future and future generations, neglect of this is simply irresponsible. The average office building in the United States requires the use of hundreds of exit signs and emergency lights. The process of making sure that all of these exit signs and emergency lights are energy efficient will not only have an extremely positive effect on the environment it will also save the consumer in the long run.

Energy efficiency is a measure of how much value we get from energy that we consume; any increase in efficiency means a decrease in use and consequently savings in cost, pollution, carbon emissions and foreign dependence. Humans use different energy sources within two groups, Renewable and Nonrenewable. The United States uses most of their energy from non-renewable sources such as Petroleum, Propane, Natural Gas, Coal, and Uranium. Nonrenewable energy sources supplies are limited and are formed from fossil remains of animals and plants, millions of years ago. Renewable energy sources include Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydropower Energy, Biomass, and Geothermal Energy. This form of energy can be replenished naturally in a short period of time.

Lastly, Secondary source of energy comes from the conversion of other sources of energy known as electricity. In the United States coal is the energy source for generating electricity. Thankfully we are becoming more and more aware of this concerning issue and have learned to become “green”, an Energy Efficient Economy. “We clearly are finding much more efficiency potential out there than any state is realizing,” says Neal Elliot, industrial program director at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Measures have been accounted for by introducing: Energy Star Program: Identifies and promotes energy-efficient products. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED): building ‘Green’ to reduce the impact on the environment. Industrial Technologies Program: Partners with energy-intensive industries to reduce energy consumption. Distributed Energy and Electric Reliability Program: Develops advanced technologies to strengthen the nation’s electric-energy infrastructure. Various household products have introduced a more ‘Green’ approach, saving energy, and protecting our environment and us. A few include: Energy Star- Qualified Programmable Thermostat, Low Emissive Windows, Appliances, Solar Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Low Flow Toilets, Air Purifiers. Commonly overlooked are the millions of exit signs in office buildings across the United States. We can all help by following simple steps such as, retrofitting old incandescent exit signs and emergency lights and or purchasing more eco friendly exit signs such as LED, LEC or Photoluminescent exit signs. It is indicative that we take the necessary steps to better our future.

Reducing your energy consumption saves money, energy, and natural resources, which protect our environment. Along with turning off lights during the day when they are not needed, turning off computers when they are not being used, taking showers instead of baths, changing out a simple exit sign can and will make a significant impact on our environment and change the Energy Crisis we are facing in our world today. It may only be one or two exit signs but one or two multiplied by every small office building in the country is an enormous supply of energy. “The amount and type of energy we consume is a result of two kinds of choices: those we make as a society and those we make as individuals and families”. (World Watch Institution)



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