What Are Thermoplastic LED Exit Signs

Thermoplastic Exit Signs are the most affordable and economical thermoplastic LED exit signs on the market today. ESW's exit signs are UL listed. The UL mark on our exit sign means that UL has tested and evaluated representative samples of our product and determined that they meet the highest level of UL requirements. They come standard with the ability to operate with 120 or 277 voltages and with a battery backup feature they will illuminate the sign for a minimum of 90 minutes. To accommodate virtually any decor the user can select white or black housing with a green or red high output led lamp. Exit Sign Warehouse's thermoplastic exit signs are supplied with an additional face plate. The extra face plate allows the viewer to see the wording EXIT from two directions. Our LED exit signs come standard with a five Year warranty with a prorated battery warranty. The energy efficient LED lamp uses less then five Watts of power making it a no brainer to switch over from incandescent or fluorescent exit lights. The electrical operating cost is only $3-$5 per year.


  • UL 924 Code Compliant
  • Single or Double Face
  • Black or White Housing
  • Directional Arrows
  • 90 Minute Battery Back Up
  • Universal Mounting
  • Energy Efficient LED
  • 120 or 277 Voltage 
  • How Do You Wire and Mount Thermoplastic LED Exit Signs

    All our thermoplastic exit signs are contractor friendly which provides a streamline installation process. Our Thermoplastic exit signs are supplied with a universal mounting canopy/bracket. This mounting canopy makes it simple to mount the exit sign on the surface of a wall, top of ceiling or sideways also known as a flag or a pendant mount. Mounting the sign from the ceiling or sideways gives you the option to use the extra face plate to have the wording exit seen in two directions. Wiring LED exit signs is a fairly simply process. Click here for tips

    Do Thermoplastic LED Exit Signs Meet All Code and Requirements

    All of our thermoplastic LED exit signs meet UL924 and NFPA 101 requirements. These requirements are status quo when in the market for LED exit signs. These listings require that exit sign letters must be a least six inches high. The width of the stroke needs to be 3/4 inch, and the space between those letters must be 3/8 inch. UL 924 and NFPA 101 have specified a minimum luminance of 0.06 ft. lamberts which all of our thermoplastic signs exceed. This industry standard was put in place in the 1970s. The exit signs are rated on a viewing distance of 100ft. There are two tests that are conducted to determine compliance with the 100ft viewing distance.

    Thermoplastic LED Exit Sign Optional Features

    Thermoplastic exit signs can be configured with a self diagnostic feature. This feature automatically performs the required battery test. Buildings with many exit signs can reduce man hours and benefit from self diagnostic or self testing exit signs. Remote capability exit signs have a larger battery or an additional battery unit inside which gives the ability to use remote emergency light heads. Dual circuit exit sign are sometimes required in high rise buildings. Dual circuit exit signs do not come with a battery back up. They come with two circuits one that connects to the main power and the other will connect to a back up generator incase of power loss click to see our wide selection.


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