What is the City of Chicago Code For Exit Signs?

Chicago Approved Exit Signs must meet a specific rules and guidelines. The letters in the word "EXIT" must be 6" inches tall with a 3/4" stroke. Directional arrows or chevrons are beneath the EXIT and are the same width as the lettering. The wording EXIT must illuminate in RED. Our signs feature a long lasting energy efficient LED Lamp a UL listed 90 minute battery backup. Our City of Chicago exits are constructed with durable 20 gauge steel housings. Rest assured all of our Chicago Approved Exit Signs at Exit Sign Warehouse are fully code compliant and inspector approved. Exit Sign Warehouse Chicago exits series meets American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requirements and Buy American provisions! Don't take chances not passing a fire inspection go with the City of Chicago approved exit signs.


  • Steel Housing
  • Meets All City of Chicago Codes
  • USA Made
  • LED Energy Efficient
  • Battery Back Up
  • Directional Arrows
  • Wording EXIT or STAIRS

    How Do You Select the Right Chicago Code Exit Sign

    All of Our Chicago Exit Signs are code compliant. However there are several options to choose from. We offer a selection of signs for all decors. If you are looking for a modern Chicago code exit sign the edge lit signs are the way to go. if you need a more economical exit sign for a commercial building or warehouse our classic rectangular design will do the job. You have the option of single face or double faced signs which you can see from two directions. We also feature a combination city of Chicago approved exit with emergency lights. The all in one unit will illuminate the path of egress incase of a blackout or power outage.

    Installation Options for Chicago Exit Signs

    You have several options on how to mount the City of Chicago Exit Signs. You can recess ceiling mount, surface mount or flag mount. Chevrons/Arrows will direct an occupied buildings occupants to the nearest exit. You can select a right arrow , left arrow, or both. Single face signs will be seen from one direction while a double face chicago exit sign can seen from two directions. Double faced signs will be mounted either from the ceiling or on the side known as a flag mount. If you high ceilings and need to lower the exit sign we can provide a pendant mount kit that will lower it 12" or 24"    City of Chicago Department of Buildings 
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