The Purpose of Exit Signs

Its important to stress the significance of emergency exit signs when renovating structures or vessels. Exit signs primarily serve to protect and save lives during emergency situations as the name suggests. The sign functions as an indicator as to where people should pass to evacuate the space should emergency situation arise. Choose from hundreds of exit signs at Exit Sign Warehouse, all which are UL Listed and completely code compliant. We have a variety of models to accommodate every structure. If your building does not have a convenient power supply and you must install exit signs. We have the solution. Our non electrical exit sign such as photoluminescent and tritium exit signs. These are the same exact exit signs that your contractor or electrician would sell you, but you have the benefit of purchasing exit signs direct at wholesale pricing. If you are in need of a custom signage or high end designer signs we carry manufactures from Cooper, Lithonia, Dual Lite and Hubbell Exit Signs

Energy Saving LED Exit Signs

Technology has quickly improved the way people live their lives and has contributed greatly to the safety of the general public in the past few years. LED or light-emitting diodes have become widely acceptable for its versatile and energy-saving functions. LED exit signs have proven to be quite effective and reliable because these can stay on for unlimited hours without producing a lot of heat or using up too much energy. LED can easily be powered by a battery or electric source and is a great way to guide and inform people on where to go just in case an emergency situation arises. LED Exit Signs are among the most efficient lighting technology available today. Typical operating cost for a LED Exit Signs are $3-$5 dollars per year. We have the largest selection of LED Exit Signs hence we can accommodate any application. Combination LED Exit Signs with Light, Wet location Exit Signs, Industrial Exit Signs, Edge lit LED Exit Signs.

The Purpose of Emergency Exit Signs

Whenever people enter a commercial, government or public building they will immediately notice exit lights in one or more corners of the space. They stay illuminated even during the day, making it easier for people to notice. Many safety standards and codes in countries and cities require the installation of emergency exit signs to provide full information to individuals from the moment they enter the premises. Traditional signs feature the word Exit in bold red lettering, although a number of countries have changed it to a more approachable green hue. Some states have guidelines on the proper color, background, size and light technology to use. The rules and standards on proper display and use of exit lighting should be followed by builders and owners. Exit Sign Warehouse serves the needs of small and large business across the country and we are proud to offer quality products at wholesale prices. If you have any questions or need help choosing the right signs contact us to speak with one of our trained representatives at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at


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