How Do Photoluminescent Exit Signs Work?

Photoluminescent exit signs do not require AC or electrical power. There is no battery or on/off switch. They require 54 lux or 5 foot candles of mercury vapor, metal halide, fluorescent lighting, and LED Lighting to charge them in which makes them illuminate. The term 54 lux or 5 foot candles is the required minimum amount of light to charge to insure a proper charge. The average office building has no problem meeting this requirement. In this charging process photons are excited and then brought back to a lower state. The photons then will be absorbed by a substance via electromagnetic radiation, which will take these to a high energy state and then moved to a state of lower energy. The photoluminescent exit sign will be fully charged in 60 minutes. They stay at there peak illuminate for a minium of 90 minutes however it can takes about 16-96 hours in darkness to fully discharge. Available in 50', 75' and industry leading 100' viewing distance


  • Non electric
  • No power cost
  • Eco Friendly (Non toxic)
  • UL Listed
  • Code Compliant
  • Last 20+ Years
  • Maintenance Free
  • Directional Arrows are Field Applicable 
  • Leed Qualified
  • High Level or Low Level Mounting

    Are Photoluminscent Exit Signs Code Compliant?

    Yes photoluminescent exit signs or glow in the dark exit signs are UL 924 Listed. They meet codes and requirements of the NFPA 101 life safety (The Life Safety Code is the most widely used source for strategies to protect people based on building construction, protection, and occupancy features that minimize the effects of fire and related hazards.) Going Green with Photoluminescent Exit Signs Eco-friendly efforts are gaining ground in workplaces, representing both operating cost savings and consumer marketing points. Photoluminescent signs are an excellent way to stay in line with eco-friendly policies while still installing reliable safety precautions. The materials used in photoluminescent exit signs aren't hazardous to handle or dispose of like some gas-filled lighted signs and don't use electricity to operate. The unique glowing properties of photoluminescent paint allow companies to ensure the safety of their workers by providing emergency guidance without incurring the cost and disposal issues of mainstream signs. Even when the power fails and backup generators fail to fire up, photoluminescent signs will continue to light the way to safety. A great backup to keep in inventory in case an electrical sign malfunctions, they are also a good "secondary plan" to hang in alternate corridors or doorways that aren't often used. These glow in the dark products have a lot to offer for their modest price tag, and remain a go-to solution for building owners and compliance managers across the country.


    Photoluminscent Exit Signs Are Environmentally Friendly

    Power free exit signs or Glow in dark exit signs can last up to 25 years. They do not require any cost or maintenance. You do not have to recycle them as you would a tritium exit sign.

    Photoluminescent Exit Sign Advantages

    Beyond the basic function of an exit sign, photoluminescent versions - sometimes simply referred to as "glow in the dark exit signs" - offer a number of advantages over electric models, including
  • A lower profile. Because these signs have no need for wiring or batteries, they can hang flush to the wall. This avoids wall damage in rental buildings or temporary structures.
  • Quick setup. In the efforts to open a new building or renovate an old one to meet code requirements, marking exits with wired-in boxes isn't always feasible. Photoluminescent signs require little more than a nail or adhesive.
  • Virtually damage-proof. With no glass to break or wires to snag, the flat board of a photoluminescent sign is durable enough to withstand much more damage than traditional exit sign boxes.
  • No ongoing costs. Because photoluminescence works on ambient lighting, users do not incur ongoing electrical or upkeep costs for using these glow in the dark solutions.
  • Will not fail in low-visibility hazard conditions. Without electric parts or components, glow in the dark signs can't succumb to damage from water or smoke.
  • No electricity and Cost effective. Because photoluminescent emergency signs are easier to make than more involved electric or gas versions, they tend to be easier on the budget in turn. More and more companies are realizing the many benefits. Photoluminescent Exit Signs are non-electrical Exit Signs that are ECO-Friendly. Call 888-953-3948 with any questions regarding photoluminscent technolog
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