A radioactive isotope of hydrogen. This is the basic definition of Tritium. Nuclear Tritium, when mixed with a chemical that gives off light, gives off electrons that cause phosphors to glow. This amazing selfpowered Nuclear lighting is able to be harnessed and used in the technology of Self-Luminous Nuclear Exit Signs. This continuous light source is a great energy saver. Within this Nuclear Tritium, there is a radioactive decay product. However, there is very little risk if any for external harm. This radioactive product is a very low enery beta that is unable to penetrate the outer layer of the human skin. Therefore, this Nuclear Exit Sign is very safe. All of the radioactive material is sealed and if the sealed Tritium is broken and the Nuclear material comes in contact with skin there is still a very low risk of complication. The only concern would be internal contact, and even then one would need to ingest large amounts of the this Nuclear Exit Signs Tritium in order to create any severe health hazzard. So, even though the name Nuclear Exit Sign can sound a bit scary, I assure you that it is not. Never the less, always handle with care and do not handle damaged or broken equipment.

The technology of the Nuclear Exit Signs have saved bundles of energy and bundles of money. Could you imagine purchasing an exit sign that has no maintainance and no energy costs? That is what you get when you purchase a Nuclear Exit Sign. Just mount the sign and forget about it. Nuclear Exit Signs last up to 20 years with no maintainance and no worries. Movie Theaters, Schools, Military, restuarants, Government, and many more places of business and services have switched to Nuclear Exit Sign Technology. Exit Sign Warehouse is the leading provider with the largest selection of Nuclear Tritium Exit Signs.



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