Exit Sign and Emergency Light Batteries

Making sure your exit sign and emergency light batteries are funcioning properly is crucial.

When dealing with Exit Signs and Emergency lighting it is important to be prepared for anything. Exit sign batteries and emergency light batteries are imperative to proper preparation and code compliant regulations. Back up batteries for Exit Signs and Emergency lighting are essential and necessary for building code compliancy as well. Exit sign batteries and emergency light batteries will give at least 90 minutes of back up illuminating energy.

Today most exit signs are dual powered. Two of the bulbs are always on at all times, using AC power. The second set of bulbs is powered by the internal back up battery. These are called the DC bulbs. The exit sign battery or emergency light battery will go into action if the AC power is cut for any reason. Exit Signs which have a back up battery have a small switch or a small button on the side or on the front of the Exit Sign. This is the test button. This test button will check the effectiveness of your back up battery by lighting up the DC bulbs. If after depressing this test button, the DC bulbs do not activate, you may need to replace your Exit Sign battery or your emergencly light battery.

The exit sign battery is usually located in a compartment right above the word “Exit”. If you find that your Exit Sign is not lit or only halfway lit when connected to the normal AC power supply, you may need to replace your bulbs. You can access these bulbs through removal of the faceplate of your exit sign. You will see the AC bulbs which are the long screw-in types as well as the DC bulbs which are smaller and powered by the back up battery. These Exit Signs, bulbs, and back up batteries are available at Exit Sign Warehouse. Exit Sign Warehouse is always available to answer questions and give any information needed.Compare our prices and save.



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