Edge Lit Exit Signs

If you are looking for a designer exit sign or maybe an exit sign with a little more style than maybe the edge lit exit sign is your choice. At Exit Sign Warehouse we offer many types of exit signs including the edge lit exit sign.

The edge lit exit sign is manufactured using acrylic panels and LED technology giving this exit sign outstanding clarity and brightness. The edge lit exit sign could arguably be considered the architects delight! Its lustrous style intermingles with any environment and allows for easy integration into your existing building or new construction project.

The edge lit exit sign also comes with a universal mounting kit which allows you to either top mount, side mount or flush mount the exit sign to your wall or ceiling. Field changeable directional arrows are included with the sign and can be configured by the consumer at the time of installation. Choose from a variety of features such as a recessed or universal mounting enclosure, red or green letters, self diagnostic operation and striking aluminum extrusion designs, which come in black, white and brushed aluminum.

All of our edge lit exit signs are code compliant and constructed with high quality LED’s which are rated for 80-100 year life span. Edge lit exit signs are ETL listed to meet UL 924, NEC, OSHA, and NFPA Life Safety Code illumination requirements.



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