Tritium Exit Signs

Tritium Exit Signs are also recognized as non-electrical, self powered, nuclear powered and self luminous.

Tritium self luminous exit signs are a code compliant resource that provide safety where electricity is not viable. Typical installations for tritium exit signs are for new construction, retrofitting historic building, special events, movie theaters and museums all over the world.

What is Tritium and how does tritium illuminate. Tritium is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere when cosmic rays strike air molecules. Tritium is also produced as a byproduct in reactors producing electricity, and in special production reactors, where the isotope lithium-6 is bombarded to produce tritium. Tritium occurs naturally in the environment in very low concentrations. Most tritium in the environment is in the form of tritiated water, which easily disburses in the atmosphere, water bodies, soil, and rock. People are exposed to small amounts of tritium every day, since it is widely dispersed in the environment and in the food chain. The average life span of a tritium exit sign is 10 or 20 years.

Benefits of using tritium exit signs. They are code compliant and non electrical. Numerous applications require the safety of exit signs where electricity is unfeasible. Tritium exit signs offer safety and compliant needs to safely evacuate in an emergency. There is no maintenance required. Electrical exit signs are required to have battery back up and bulbs that will need to be replaced. Tritium exit signs provide a maintenance free solution for safety.



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