Architectural Designer Exit Signs

Outfit your building with a code compliant, designer exit sign.

Architects have a specific look in mind when designing buildings, libraries, hotels and offices spaces. Code compliant and safety are first priority. Next is that designer look. These designer exit signs and emergency lights come in various styles, colors and mounting options. LED and Photoluminescent exit signs provide an energy efficient and classy look with safety in mind. Clients ultimately have safety and cost effectiveness in minds. LED Signs or Pholuminescent exit signs provide a great solution by reducing yearly energy costs and by limiting the impact on our environment.

Architectural designer exit sign installations can be recessed into the ceiling, giving it that flush appearance many architects desire. Other options are a back mount, side mount or pendant kit which lowers the designer exit sign from an elevated ceiling.

Designer exit signs will meet all aesthetic needs and meet local compliancy all states including New York and Chicago approved exit signs.



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