Glow In The Dark Exit Signs

The photoluminescent exit sign is frequently described as the glow in the dark exit sign.

This exit sign, which requires no electricity, is perfect for installations where there is no electricity or areas where electricity would be hard to wire to.

The glow in the dark exit sign uses an asphotoluminescent (glow in the dark pigment) material that absorbs ambient light and stores it as energy. In the case of an emergency or power failure the glow in the dark exit sign will gradually release it’s stored light. The photoluminescent exit sign produces an extremely high visible surface that will remain illuminated for a minimum of ninety minutes and will continue to be visible for hours.

Besides being completely eco friendly this glow in the dark exit sign will cost the consumer nothing to operate. The photoluminescent exit sign unlike other exit signs is great because it does not rely on batteries to power the sign in the event of a power failure. Therefore there is no need to pay an electrician to come out and install the exit sign and there are no monthly electrical costs to operate the photoluminescent exit sign.

A minimum of five foot candles of metal halide, fluorescent or mercury lighting must be on the face of the sign at all times during building occupancy in order for you to install a glow in the dark exit sign in your building. This is so the exit sign will remain charged if and when a emergency should occur.



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