Exit Sign Replacement Bulbs

Exit Sign Replacement Bulbs go hand in hand with Exit Sign Retrofit Kits.

These Exit Sign Retrofit Kits have many wonderful features. If you have an Exit Sign that currently uses high wattage incandescent bulbs and would like to get some Exit Sign Replacement Bulbs that are lower wattage, you can do this with the Exit Sign Retrofit Kit. Normal incandescent Exit Sign bulbs use approx. 20 to 25 watts per bulb. The Exit Sign Retrofit Kit will aid you in replacing these high wattage lamps with two .9 watt lamps. This will start saving you money right away. These new low wattage bulbs will save you energy and hassle. The low wattage bulbs can last up to 80,000 hours while the incandescent bulbs last up to 2500 hours. That is a huge difference that will save you money and time. When its time for you to look for Exit Sign Replacement Bulbs, call us at Exit Sign Warehouse and ask about our Exit Sign Retrofit kits.



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