New York Approved Exit Signs

New York City Approved Illuminated Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting

New York City approved exit signs and emergency lighting follows strict regulations and requirements mandated by the city of New York. If you live in the 5 boroughs of New York City and you are in the market for a New York approved exit sign or emergency lighting, please inform Exit Sign Warehouse of your needs. These New York City approved exit signs that are installed in the five boroughs need to be approved by the New York Building Dept and meet all city regulations. New York City approved exit signs meet UL, NFPA, and NEMA building and fire codes. The lettering for New York approved exit signs must have a one inch stroke and be eight inches high. The LED's on the New York approved exit signs must be red and the housing must be made of steel or aluminum.

Building Codes for New York City - The building code of New York City is intended to protect the safety of anyone who is in a building in New York City. One of the many standards for proper egress in New York City is not only the correct New York Approved exit signs and emergency lights but also proper egress pathways consisting of photoluminescent exit path markings. This is an important requirement in the event that there is a failure with the illuminated New York approved exit signs and the back-up power to these exit signs. These photoluminescent exit path markings will serve as a back up aid to an evacuation. Photoluminescent markings act the same way as glow in the dark exit signs or photoluminescent exit signs function. They are charged by the ambinet light and once the light is gone the markings glow and can still be seen. These photoluminescent markings will not light up a whole room or corridor, but rather provide guidance in a dark area such as a stairwell handrail, obstacles or pathway. Generally these markings are located low to the ground for greater visual and are not meant to be a substitute for exit signs and emergency lighting, but rather and extra precaution. If you have any questions regarding the proper egress requirements for your building please contact any one of our representatives at Exit Sign Warehouse.



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