ADA braille signs

All Braille is ADA code compliant according to your OSHA state regulations. Choose from a variety of braille exit signs, restroom signs and much more at Exit Sign Warehouse.

On July 26 1990, President Bush signed the American with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA, into law. This guaranteed the individuals with disabilites equal opportunity with employment, transpotation, telecommunication relay services, government services, disabilities in employment, and public accommodations. Laws and guidelines for producing ADA exit signs were included in this act. ADA Braille exit signs were not developed after this act. In fact, Braille exits signs have been in existance before the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. This is not to say that the that the ADA act has not affected ADA Braille exit signs. It has affected its production and creation of ADA Braille exit signs. It has affected the industry as a whole.

In 1821 a man from France by the name of Louis Braille created "The braille system". This system was created with the intent of creating a method in which blind people would be able to read and write. Six dot positions make up each braille character also referred to as a cell. This character or cell is which contains six dot positions is arranged in a rectangle which has two columns of three dots each. Now, this dot can be raised at any of the six positions in order to form sixty four permutations also including some set ups in which no dots are raised. This system has been extremely affective. The system of braille was inpart due to Napoleon's demand for code. Napoleon actually had this code developed by a man by the name of Charles Barbier. This code was called Night Writing.

Night writing was rejected by the military because it seemed to be too difficult for the soldier to learn. However, in 1821 Charles Barbier traveled to Paris France to visit the National Institute for the Blind. When Charles Barbier arrived in Paris France at the National Institute for the Blind, he met Louis Braille. Louis Braille was able to discover the major problem with this code called Night Writing. The problem was that the finger could not cover the whole character without moving. This resulted in slow inaffective reading. Louis Braille modified this system to use a six dot cell which solved the problem and The Braille System was created, which revolutionized written communication for the blind.



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