Energy Saving Exit Signs

Exit Signs come in many different types. One of the most popular exit signs on the market is an Electrical Exit Sign.

There are numerous types of exit signs that are available in today’s market. When purchasing an exit sign it nice to consider pricing but you must not overlook other important areas such as the life of the exit sign, the cost to maintain the exit sign and the cost to operate the exit sign. One of the older models, which are still highly used today, is called the Incandescent Exit Sign. This exit sign would not be considered and energy saving exit sign. Just one of these exit signs requires up to two incandescent lamps and can cost fifty dollars a year to operate and maintain. This exit sign uses forty watts of electricity and the lamps need to be replaced every two to three months.

The most popular Energy Saving Exit sign on the market today is the LED Exit Sign. The LED exit sign utilizes a circuit board consisting of anywhere from six to thirty five individual LED’s. The LED exit sign is considered an energy saving exit sign because it only consumes one to eight watts of electricity, has a twenty five year life span and only costs in the neighborhood of $3.50 a year to operate.

Other types of energy saving exit signs would be the LEC, photoluminescent and the self luminous or tritium exit sign. For more information on these signs and ways to save money when purchasing exit signs please contact a representative at Exit Sign Warehouse.



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