LEC Exit Signs

LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor) Exit Signs use only one-fifth of a watt of energy.

Exits Signs are continuously in use all over the world. Many of us don't take into consideration the amount of power it takes to power all of these Exit Signs. This can make LEC Exit Signs 200 times more electricity efficient than a normal 40-50 watt Exit Sign. LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor) Lights have been around for longer than most people think. LEC lights have been around for over 60 years and they are actually used on aircrafts. These LEC lights are very effective and can last up to thirty years before needing to be replaced. It is approximated that LED Exit signs can use up to ten times more energy that LEC exit signs and the LEC exit signs last considerably longer. These LEC exit sign and other LEC lights have really made a difference in energy savings as well as money savings. These LEC Exit Signs are a sign of where the future of exit signs are headed. LEC exit signs not only save energy and money, but have better illumination look great. These LEC exit signs have green lettering and are available with white or black housing. LEC exit signs are the future. At we want to always provide the very best information and service possible.

LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor) has an illumination technology witch utilizes a continual layer of millions of encapsulated microscopic zinc sulfide photon emitting crystals. The LEC technology of lighting offers a truly superior performance. Small solid state light sources contribute to the LEC’s ongoing readability and collective uniformity. This is a unique lighting technology that other do not have. Other technologies rely on redirected light to give uniform lighting which reduces over time resulting in unbalanced light output and unreadable and unsafe exit signs.

The LEC Exit Sign is very energy efficient. It consumes less that $0.25 of electricity per year and less than ¼ Watt AC Energy Draw. LEC Exit Signs have unsurpassed Illumination uniformity. This uniformity is maintained throughout the twenty year plus LEC lamp life by the millions of microscopic light emitting crystals that are being viewed directly. One the most essential characteristics of an exit sign is the visibility through smoke. This LEC Exit Sign is the industry leader in visibility through smoke. The LEC (Light Emitting Capacitor) Exit Sign uses a high tech green light that will not be confused or mistaken as a source of fire. The brightness on the emergency battery backup is more than 25% brighter and operates for more than two hours. This battery is a NiCad battery pack with life of ten years. The lamps in this LEC Exit Sign can last over thirty years with solid reliability. It so easy to install, with a universal canopy mount. This is sign is good looking and has a slim design. Its only 5/8” thick which is available in black and white with replaceable chevron covers. The LEC Exit Sign sets the stage for the future of the industry.



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