How to Mount and Install an Exit Sign

How to Mount and Install an Exit Sign

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How to Mount an Exit Sign?  Wall, Ceiling, and Side Mount, Pendant Configurations 

Step one open up the face plate by pushing the tabs.  A flathead screw driver will do the trick 

Push out the mounting holes on the back to line up with your junction box pattern 

Feed the input wires through the back faceplate for a surface mount,   Side or ceiling mount feed the wires through the mounting canopy either or the side or top. (Depending on your mount)

Next put the neutral wires together with the supplied hardware - Select your voltage either 120 volt (black wire)  or 277 volt orange/red wire - Cap the non used wire 
Adhere the back plate to the junction box - connect the battery to the board and clip in the front face plate.  
Pendant Mount Kits come in 12' -60' increments.  They are meant to lower an exit signs from high ceilings.  White, Black and brushed options 
At ESW we recommend hiring a licensed electrician.  



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