Photoluminscent Glow in the Dark Exit Signs

Photoluminscent Glow in the Dark Exit Signs

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Photoluminscent Glow in the Dark Exit Signs

Photoluminescent exit signs are a type of exit sign that use photoluminescent materials to glow in the dark. These materials absorb and store energy from ambient light sources during the day, and then release that energy as light during power outages or other emergency situations. Photoluminescent exit signs are useful in situations where traditional electric exit signs may not be able to function, such as during a power failure or in a smoke-filled room.  Photoluminscent Exit Signs 


Glow in the Dark Exit Signs 

They are also energy efficient and do not require wiring or batteries, making them easy to install and maintain. These are available in red, green, white, black, brushed aluminum and clear backgrounds.  All come with directional arrows and they easily mount.  No Electricians needed!   Typical installations are flat on the wall upper and lower level, ceiling mount, flag mount perpendicular off the wall.  



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