Benefits of American Made Exit Signs and Lights , BAA, ARRA

Benefits of American Made Exit Signs and Lights , BAA, ARRA

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Benefits of American Made Exit Signs and Lights

Companies often prefer to buy American made exit signs and lights for their businesses. This choice ensures they are contributing to the health of the national economy while purchasing an item that follows the highest standards in quality craftsmanship.

Exit Sign Warehouse offers a full line of American made exit signs and lights so companies can find the precise products they need with the US stamp of approval.

What is the BAA?

The Buy American Act or BAA was established in 1933, during the Great Depression. This act was designed to protect American jobs by requiring the federal government to prefer products made in the US. While it applies primarily to government contracts, businesses can also choose to comply with the BAA.

To do so, companies must be able to guarantee their final product is manufactured in the US. Businesses must also show that the cost of the domestic materials they used to create their products was higher than any non-domestic products that might have been used.

What is the ARRA?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was enacted to stimulate the economy during the Great Recession. The primary purpose of the act was to provide funding for public works projects as an economic stimulus. However, another component was that companies that received the funding from ARRA would only use domestic materials to produce their products.

Although the ARRA only applies to public projects, companies can also choose to comply with the terms of the ARRA to ensure products are manufactured with American materials and labor.

Compliance Requirements for American Made Exit Signs and Lights

American made exit signs and lights are manufactured by Exit Sign Warehouse in compliance with the ARRA and the Buy American Act. In addition, exit signs must follow guidelines set by agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  OSHA compliance requirements include:

  • Lettering Requirements:Exit signs must have the word “exit” displayed clearly and prominently. Letters must have a minimum height of six inches and a minimum width of three-fourths of an inch for principle strokes.
  • Lighting Requirements:Exit signs need to have a surface luminance of a minimum of 54 lux, which is the equivalent of five, one-foot candles. Surface luminance should be a distinctive color like red or green.
  • Visibility Requirements: Exits signs must be clearly visible with no decorations or other signs to obscure them.
  • Mounting Requirements:Exit signs should be at least 80 inches from the floor. ADA compliant signs should be no less than 60 inches above the floor and include information in Braille as well as written information.
  • Directional Requirements: If the exit is not immediately apparent, directional signs should be mounted to direct people where it is located. If a door or passage along the way could be mistaken for an exit, it must clearly be marked that it is not an exit.

NFPA also has a list of compliance requirements that involve the placement and visibility of exit signs. Those additional guidelines might include:

  • Signs must be spaced so that there is a sign visible every 100 feet until the exit
  • Directional signs need to be spaced at every point where the route to the exit might be unclear
  • Exit signs must be readily visible with a background that contrasts to the lettering color for easy deciphering
  • No other brightly lit signs should be located near exit signs if they might distract from the visibility of the exit sign
  • Exit signs must be visible both through standard and emergency lighting systems

In addition to these requirements, American made exit signs and lights should adhere to local and state guidelines. With many guidelines to consider, it is critical that businesses work with a sign company with a solid understanding of the various requirements to ensure all exit signs comply with the full gamut of regulations.

Options in American Made Exit Signs and Lights 

American made exit signs and lights from Exit Sign Warehouse offer variety that allows buildings to customize signs to the unique needs and style of their business. We offer wireless signs that are visible even in smoky conditions and energy-efficient signs with battery backup. LED lights offer ample illumination in our steel signs, while thermoplastic signs offer a low-cost, classic design.

Die-cast aluminum signs combine style with durability while providing energy efficiency. Signs come in both single and double-face styles, allowing ultimate mounting versatility. At the same time, companies have peace of mind in knowing all materials and manufacturing processes for their signs are located right in the US. We also offer American made lights to accompany exit signs and provide additional illumination to make exits more prominent in the event of an emergency.

Exit Sign Warehouse offers American made exit signs and lights that are fully compliant with all federal regulations. With a wide variety of signs available, businesses can select the signs that work best for their buildings without worry over potential penalties for requirement violations. To learn more about our Buy American Act-compliant exit signs, contact a member of our team today.  






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