Are My Fire Safety Signs OSHA Compliant?

Are My Fire Safety Signs OSHA Compliant?

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Are My Fire Safety Signs OSHA Compliant?

In the event of a fire in a building, fire safety signs are essential to give employees and guests visible directions on how to locate fire extinguishers or exit a building. Because of their vital importance, regulations govern how the signs are to be created and displayed. Visit our Fire Extinguisher selection 

The professionals at Exit Sign Warehouse are dedicated to ensuring fire extinguisher and other fire safety signs meet compliance rules to keep the public safe and prevent business owners from receiving citations and penalties.

What are Fire Safety Signs?

Fire safety signs are designed to help people in a building respond quickly in the event a fire breaks out. These signs may be regulated by numerous agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Fire Protection Association and the International Building Codes. Signs may be used to quickly direct people out of a building. They can also be used to identify locations of fire extinguishers in case the fire is small enough to put out rather than evacuating.

Fire safety signs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing them to be adapted to any location where they are needed. Some are used to direct people to fire extinguishers while others provide instructions on how to access and use the extinguisher itself. In most cases, both types of signs are needed to ensure the extinguishers can be used properly if it is ever necessary.

Why are They Necessary?

In addition to their importance in creating a safer environment for people that work and visit any building, fire safety signs are required under the law. OSHA and other entities are very particular on how people protect themselves in the event of a fire, whether they are in an office building, hotel, school or government office. All buildings must follow the same rules when it comes to installing both safety devices and signage to identify them.

OSHA does conduct inspections to ensure buildings are compliant with federal regulations. Building owners that fail to comply with OSHA requirements can face significant fines. Penalty amounts can vary, depending on the nature and number of violations. If an employee or guest of the building is injured or killed due to OSHA violations, the consequences can be even more severe.

How Should Fire Safety Signs be Mounted?  

While OSHA requires all portable fire extinguishers to be clearly identified, there are no hard and fast rules regarding fire extinguisher sign requirements. It comes down to common sense by the business owner – where should the signs be placed to make them most visible to the majority of visitors to the building? Higher placement is often better since that allows the signs to be seen both close up and from a distance without concern over objects blocking their view. Arrows are helpful in directing people to the precise location of the extinguisher as well.

Fire safety signs can be designed to mount on a wall or from a ceiling. Three-dimensional signs allow for the extinguisher to be located from all directions within a room or hallway. Signs come in both standard and glow-in-the-dark finishes to ensure extinguishers can be located even if the power in the building goes out. Signs are also available in English and bilingual options to ensure the visitors that frequent your building will be able to read them. There are also signs with symbols to make it easier for guests that might not be able to read at all.

Options in Fire Safety Signs  

Unlike other types of signs, there are no precise requirements on how high to mount fire safety signs or the precise location of the sign in relation to the extinguisher. However, the rules are clear that these signs must be easy to see and read. Permanent mounting is also critical to ensure the signs don’t become displaced.

When searching for a source for fire safety signs, select a company that is fully up to date on fire extinguisher sign requirements. Signs should be easy to read from a distance, durable and visible in the dark in some cases. It is best to work with a company that offers a variety of options to ensure customization of signs to the precise needs of the building and business.

Some building owners might want to alert people to the type of extinguishers used since the substances inside might be harmful in some cases. Signs that explain how to use a fire extinguisher can also be helpful. Glow-in-the-dark signs may be necessary for buildings where illumination could be a problem.

Fire safety signs are critical to ensure the wellbeing of people that enter any type of building. At Exit Sign Warehouse, we know these signs need to be appropriate for safety and compliance. Our line of signs fits both needs, with affordable pricing for business owners.

Searching for fire safety signs? Let Exit Sign Warehouse help. We offer a wide range of signs that meet fire extinguisher sign requirements, allowing you to bring your entire building into compliance and keep everyone that enters your building as safe as possible. Contact us today to find the signs you need.  








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