Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack Light Fixtures 

A full cutoff LED wall pack light refers to an outdoor lighting fixture designed to minimize light pollution and reduce glare by directing light downward and preventing it from spreading in unwanted directions. The term "full cutoff" indicates that the fixture is constructed in a way that eliminates all upward light output, making it Dark Sky compliant.

Features of a full cutoff LED wall pack light typically include:

  1. Design: The fixture is constructed with a shield or hood that covers the top portion of the light source, preventing light from shining upward.

  2. Light Direction: The light output is focused downwards, which helps to minimize light trespass onto neighboring properties and the night sky.

  3. Glare Reduction: The design of the fixture ensures that the light is directed away from the observer's line of sight, reducing glare and improving visual comfort.

  4. Light Pollution Reduction: By limiting light spillage beyond the intended area, full cutoff wall pack lights contribute to reducing light pollution and preserving natural nighttime environments.

  5. Energy Efficiency: LED technology is used in these fixtures, making them energy-efficient and longer-lasting compared to traditional lighting technologies.

Full cutoff LED wall pack lights are commonly used for various outdoor applications, such as illuminating building exteriors, walkways, parking lots, and recreational areas. They are an environmentally friendly option, providing ample illumination while being mindful of the surrounding environment.



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