Save money while you save the environment. Going Green is a no brainer. Incandescent exit sign can use up to 40 watts per fixture. Fluorescent exit signs can use up to 25 watts per fixture. By switching to one of Exit Sign Warehouses’ eco friendly LED exit signs that only use approx. 2-3 watts, you can reduce your electric bill up to $40.00 a year per fixture. If you had 100 fixtures, that would be a savings of $4000.00 per year. Exit Sign Warehouse offers top quality LED exit signs for as low as $15.00. We also offer another hot eco-friendly item, a state of the art non-electric photoluminescent exit sign. This is at the top of technology. There is no electricity, no maintenance, and no worries. We offer a full line of photoluminescent exit signs with a viewing distance of up to 75 feet. We have a wide selection and our prices will not be beat. Ask Exit Sign Warehouse about getting free exit signs through our eco-friendly rebate program. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at


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