What are ADA Braille Signs

In 1821 a man from France by the name of Louis Braille created "The braille system". This system was created with the intent of creating a method in which blind people would be able to read and write. Six dot positions make up each braille character also referred to as a cell. This character or cell is which contains six dot positions is arranged in a rectangle which has two columns of three dots each. Now, this dot can be raised at any of the six positions in order to form sixty four permutations also including some set ups in which no dots are raised. President Bush signed the American with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA, into law. This guaranteed the individuals with disabilites equal opportunity with employment, transpotation, telecommunication relay services, government services, disabilities in employment, and public accommodations.

Code Compliant Braille Exit Signs

Exit Sign Warehouse offers the largest selection of ADA braille tactile products at wholesale prices. We provide inspector approved code compliant braille signs to the military, universities, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels and small businesses. These products are direct and sold at wholesale pricing with no minimum order. Signs are in stock and ready to ship. Custom signs and colors are available upon request. Customer service representatives are trained professionals who can answer any questions or concerns you might have. We currently stock ADA Exit,Exit Route,Exit Stairs Down, Handicap accessible,and many more. Exit Sign Warehouse is a proud supporter of the American Disabilities Act and will do our part to provide top quality braille signs at affordable pricing. California Title 24 ADA Braille Restroom Signs. Contact us at 1-888-953-3948 or email us at
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  • Questions and Answers What Are ADA Restroom Signs?
  • You’re probably aware that there are various rules and regulations regarding signage in public buildings, due to safety concerns. In this post, we answer the question, “what are ADA restroom signs?” and we explain why you need them.

    Does A Women’s Bathroom Sign Automatically Count as ADA Signage?

    No, and neither does a men’s room sign. ADA signs need to match certain criteria and they need to be displayed in certain ways, to be considered up to code. Each state has their own laws regarding what is code and what isn’t, so you need to make sure that your building complies with those.

    ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Actthat was made a law in July 1990. The act was modelled after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and states that people with disabilities must have the same access to jobs, goods and services, and utilities as able-bodied people.

    The act terms people as disabledif they have a mental or physical impairment that limits their participation in at least one of the major life activities. You can also be determined as disabled if you have a history of impairment, or if others see you as having an impairment.

    The act is vague about what an impairment actually is but, if you’re a building owner, it means that all room entries and exits must be easily accessed by everyone. This includes people in wheelchairs, on crutches, or with other mobile equipment or special needs.

    Do ADA Restrooms Have to Include Braille Signs?

    In most states, the law requires you to have braille signs attached next to the door and other ADA restroom signs attached to the doors. If the braille sign was put on the door, visually impaired people would be in danger of being hit with it, by other people coming in or out.

    Visual impairment is not the only disability however, and other needs must be catered for, so an ADA restroom sign is still necessary for those who are not able to read braille.

    What Are the Different Types of ADA Restroom Signs?

    There are many styles of ADA restroom signs available, but your choice should be guided by the laws of your state. In California, you must display a door sign with visual prompts and a wall sign with braille prompts. Although the braille signs also have visual prompts, door signs still need to be visible.

    Here is a small selectionof the ADA compliant signs we have available:

    • Styrene Door signs – These come in Women’s and Men’s signs with wheelchairs visible, and also has Unisex restroom signs. These signs are blue circles or triangles. These come in braille.
    • All Gender signs – These come in black rectangles, squares, and circles with white visuals. These are also available in braille.
    • Men’s and Women’s signs – These come in rectangles, squares, and circles with white figures on them. The figures are men and women and can be purchased with or without wheelchairs. These also come in braille.
    • Family restroom signs –These have male and female figures on them with the figure of a child in between. These come in blue or black, some with and some without wheelchair images on them. These all include braille.
    • Girls and boy’s restroom signs – These are designed to be used in schools and other buildings for children. They come in black or blue, circles, rectangles, or triangles, and in braille.

    What Else Do I Need to Know About ADA Restroom Signs?

    Restroom signs are not the only ones that need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Exit signs must also be up to code and clearly display which exits have wheelchair access, for example.

    Custom ADA signs are available for purchase on our website and we ship nationally. These signs can be made in all colors and materials and are all made in the U.S.

    At Exit Sign Warehouse, we can help you decide which ADA restroom signs are the best for your business and building. Contact our expert staff today and we’ll talk over your needs and provide professional advice.



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