Wet Location LED Exit Sign Article

Wet Location LED Exit Sign Article

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    Wet Location LED Exit Sign Article

    Who Needs Wet Location LED Exit Signs

    Let Exit Sign Warehouse teach you how to prepare your LED Exit Signs for Weather. AS HURRICANES AND TORRENTIAL RAINS MAKE ENTRANCE ACROSS THE USA, RELIABLE WET WEATHER EXIT SIGNS IN HIGH DEMAND The United States has seen its fair share of storms over the years, but with the advance of global warming, extreme weather and emergency situations are on the rise. Emergency LED Exit Signs must be an essential part of any government, corporate or community disaster plans and Exit Sign Warehouse is ready to fulfill the nations needs. Exit Sign Warehouse will be holding free seminar in October to keep business owners complaint with Led Exit Signs.

    Outdoor Exit Signs

    Experts in the lighting want consumers to know that not all Exit signs are equal. If signs are exposed to rain, snow or sleet, even the best made standard Exit signs can experience electrical failures, which puts the public at risk for injury, and business owners at risk for costly lawsuits or government fines. According to the US governments Office of Compliance (http://www.compliance.gov/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/fastfacts_exitrelatedsigns.pdf), The answer may seem obvious, but people often do not appreciate the importance of exit signs. When there is an emergency in a building, all occupants and visitors must be informed of the most efficient way to exit the building. Not every person is familiar with a buildings layout.

    Where to Purchase All Weather Exit Signs

    In response to the growing need for tougher exit signs, Exit Sign Warehouse is seeking to educate the public about wet weather exit signs. This winter season, they are highlighting The ESW-WL-EX series (Link to: http://www.exitsignwarehouse.com/category/wet-location-exit-signs.html) which has been designed to perform in applications where the climate would be a serious threat to basic signs. The entire internal cavity of the sign is protected from moisture invasion by an extremely resilient gasket. The gasketing is "hot-bonded" to the lens during the manufacturing process. This process greatly reduces the likelihood of gasket dryness and damage. The ESW-WL-EX (http://www.exitsignwarehouse.com/category/wet-location-exit-signs.html) also be equipped with an optional thermostatically controlled heater for frigid climates. While maintenance managers would be wise to inspect their facilities signage on a regular basis, they can rest assured that even in torrential downpours and snow storms their emergency exit signs will live up to performance standards and keep the public safe.