Switch to LED Exit Signs

Switch to LED Exit Signs

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    Switch to LED Exit Signs

    Do you know how much you can save by switching to LED exit signs?

    IKEA TAKES STAGE AND SHINES THE LIGHT ON BENEFITS OF LED: EXIT SIGN INDUSTRY APPLAUDS On Oct. 1, 2012, the worlds largest home furnishing conglomeration announced that by 2016 they will switch all the incandescent bulbs and lamps on their shelves to help the environment, and their customers save money. When the world renowned retailer with 300 stores in 36 countries made the courageous move to committ to helping the environment and its millions of customers by going 100% LED exit signs, manufacturers of LED products who have been leading the way in the energy revolution feel proud.

    LED exit lights will save your company on energy cost

    We are committed to enabling our coworkers and customers to live a more sustainable life at home. And changing to LED exit lights is a smart and cost effective way to be sustainable in our everyday lives. IKEA supports this to such a degree that we recently gave LED lights to every one of the 130,000 IKEA coworkers across the globe, comments Mike Ward, IKEA US President. Their press release states that LEDs consumes 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 20 times longer. This is nothing new to Exit Sign Warehouse employees. The text on their website, www.exitsignwarehouse.com, promises to help customers Save money while you save the environment. Going Green is a no brainer. Incandescent exit sign can use up to 40 watts per fixture. Fluorescent exit signs can use up to 25 watts per fixture. By switching to one of Exit Sign Warehouses eco friendly LED exit signs that only use approx. 2-3 watts, you can reduce your electric bill up to $40.00 a year per fixture. If you had 100 fixtures, that would be a savings of $4000.00 per year. Saving money is important to all companies, but saving the planet is vital to everyone. Wakefield Research findings suggest that if one million people changed just one bulb each into LED, the CO2 emissions reduction would correspond to removing almost 6,700 cars off the road, or planting 17 million trees per year.

    Exit Sign and Emergency Light Rebate Program

    Exit Sign Warehouse has had a program in place to help organizations and businesses switch from incandescents to LEDs at no upfront cost to customers, by partnering with local utility companies that also see the value in LED exit signs and emergency LED lighting products. They actually give away free exit signs through their eco-friendly rebate program. Exit Sign Warehouse Is proud sponsor of the go green movement. Stay tuned for Annual Fire Exit Sign Event. Whether consumers need to brighten their office with a single lamp, or a business owner needs to retrofit hundreds of exit signs and other emergency lighting in their factories and facilities, they can rest assured that LEDs are only a mouse click, phone call and light switch away.