Exit Sign Prepare One For An Emergency

Exit Sign Prepare One For An Emergency

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    Exit Sign Prepare One For An Emergency

    How Do Exit Signs Prepare One For An Emergency?

    Matt Sledge reveals how and shows what commercial owners can do for when disaster strikes! do not be caught unprepared, It could cost you; so get up to code and get within regulations and join the local town hall meeting.

    Exit Signs and Emergency Lights Safety Codes

    Before International Building Safety Codes were put in place, emergencies followed by earthquakes, fires, and disaster were only worsened simply because the lack of standard safety measures. In the wake of disaster safety regulations are essential and can become a matter of life and death. It is hard to prepare for any disaster but for all companies, it is crucial that emergency exit signs are placed in specific locations to help occupants find building exits with ease. Being Unprepared Is Fuel To The Fire; Simple Precautions Like Fire Exit Signs Are Essential To Standard Safety Measures! When massive storms hit, electrical failure leads to blackouts and when generators fail, buildings become unable to meet the capacity necessary to power the area. The unsettling darkness only fuels further chaos as it breeds panic, despair, and confusion which can be avoided when precautions were implemented. Thankfully, International Building codes were developed to improve safety within these commercial buildings. These codes have been a part of emergency standard since 2000 as every party involved, not just business owners, are responsible for complying with code regulations in the event of a fire or major disaster. Matt Sledge will provide a more in depth assessment of all parties involved and will demonstrate how each code regulation will help occupants when there is a fire or other major disaster.