BAL700 Lumens Emergency Ballast - Fluorescent

BAL700 Lumens Emergency Ballast - Fluorescent

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    BAL700 Lumens Emergency Ballast - Fluorescent
    The XEB-7 Fluorescent Emergency Ballast allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation when used in conjunction with the AC ballast. If used in an emergency only fixture, no AC ballast is necessary. In the event of a power failure, the XEB-7 instantly switches to the emergency mode and operates one of the existing lamps for 90 minutes. The unit contains a battery, charger, and electronic circuit in a single can. The XEB-7 can be mounted in the wireway or on top of the fixture, and is UL Listed for factory installation or retrofit applications. The XEB-7 can be used with most 2'-8' lamps, with an minimum initial output of 600 lumens for one lamp. *These ballasts may operate other lamp types, please consult factory for compatibility. Input Voltage 120/277V, 60 Hz Input Wattage 3.5 Watts Lamps Operated: For use with 17W-215W, 2'-8' single and bipin, T8, T10, and T12 linear fluorescent lamps without integral starters, including U-shaped, circline, energy saving, and 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps.* Emergency Operation 90 minutes Minimum Initial Illumination (1) lamp 600 lumens Approval U.L. Listed Weight 2 lbs Operating Temperature Range 0o to 55o C

    U.L. Listed for factory or field installation
    Will cold start and operate all specified lamps
    24 hour recharge time
    High temperature, maintenance free, nickel-cadmium battery
    Painted steel case
    Dual voltage 120/277V, 60Hz
    Includes test switch and charge indicator accessory kit
    5-Year warranty
    Meets or exceeds all National Electrical Code and Life Safety
    Code Emergency Lighting Requirements
    90 minute emergency operation

    Length 9.4"
    Width 2.4"
    Height 1.5"
    Mounting Center 8.9"

    The ESW-XEB-7 is warranted for five (5) years from date of purchase. Warranty covers only Exitronix emergency ballasts installed as directed, and used under normal conditions. Warranty does not cover physical damage, abuse, or acts of God.

    U.L. 924 listed for factory installations or field retrofit applications. Emergency illumination time exceeds the National Electric Code (NEC), Life Safety Code (NFPA-LSP), and U.L. 924 90 minute requirements.

    The maximum allowable remote mounting distance is 50 ft. from the lamp. When battery packs are remote mounted, the remote distance cannot exceed 1/2 of the distance from ballast to lamp, as specified AC ballast manufacturer.

    Emergency lighting shall be provided by using a standard fluorescent fixture equipped with an XEB-7 fluorescent emergency battery pack. The XEB-7 shall consist of a high temperature, maintenance free nickel cadmium battery, charger board and an electronic circuit enclosed in a 9.4" x 2.4" x 1.5" vandal resistant, painted steel case. A long life LED charge/indicator light and test switch shall be included. The XEB-7 shall operate 17W-110W, 2'-8' single and bipin, T8, T10, and T12 linear , or U-shaped, circline, or rapid start long compact fluorescent lamps. The XEB-7 shall provide reduced illumination for a minimum of 90 minutes in the emergency mode with a minimum initial output of 600 lumens. The XEB-7 meets or exceeds all NEC and Life Safety Code Emergency Lighting Requirements and is U.L. Listed. The XEB-7 is warranted for five (5) years from the date of purchase.

    BAL700 Lumens Emergency Ballast - Fluorescent