NEMA Rated Harsh Environment Combo Emergency Exit Sign with Battery Back-up

NEMA Rated Harsh Environment Combo Emergency Exit Sign with Battery Back-up

    Price: $799.00

    Code: ESW-WL-RC



    NEMA Rated Harsh Environment Combo Emergency Exit Sign with Battery Back-up
    The ESW-WL-RC Enclosure meets NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 6, 12 & 13 areas. AC only and emergency operation

    The Illumination of the ESW-WL-RC Series Exit is accomplished with the use of LEDs. LEDs offer low maintenance replacement costs and long life. The ESW-WL-RC Series utilizes direct view LEDs to provide illumination in excess of UL 924 requirements that enhance visibility and which improves the safety benefits in industrial environments.

    Watertight enclosure is constructed of fiberglass reinforced polyester with a polycarbonate lens cover that provides excellent resistance to impact. The ESW-WL-RC Series Exit housing is rated for NEMA 3, 3r, 4, 4x, 6, 12 and 13 environments. The two head combination emergency/exit features fully adjustable 6 volt, 6 watt Par 36 halogen sealed beam lamp heads that are enclosed in watertight, polycarbonate housing.

    NEMA 3: Provides a degree of protection against windblown dust and windblown rain.
    NEMA 3r: Provides a degree of protection against falling rain.
    NEMA 4 Protects enclosed equipment against all types of water entry.
    NEMA 4x: Same as NEMA 4 with addition of corrosion resistance.
    NEMA 6: Provides a degree of protection against falling rain, splashing water and hose directed water.
    NEMA 12: Protects enclosed equipment against entry of fibers, dirt and dust.
    NEMA 13: Provides a degree of protection against lint, dust seepage, external condensation, and spraying of water, oil and noncorrosive liquids.

    AC ONLY: 120/277 VAC dual voltage input is standard on all

    EMERGENCY OPERATION: 120/277 dual voltage input with surge protected, solid-state charging circuity provides for a reliable charging system. Charging system is complete with low voltage disconnect, AC lockout, brownout protection, AC indicator LED and test switch.

    Supplied standard with a maintenance free, sealed lead calcium or nickel cadmium battery. Battery service life at optimum operating temperature is estimated at 8 years (lead calcium) or 12 years (nickel cadmium). Suggested operating temperature range for lead calcium batteries is 65°F (19°C) to 85°F (30°C). Suggested operating temperature range for nickel cadmium batteries is 20°F (-7°C) to 95°F (35°C). The ESW-WL-RC Series Exit will provide a full 90 minutes of illumination at full rated lumen output. Periodic testing of the unit (for three minutes, every 30 days) is encouraged to ensure compliance with most local fire codes, and will not adversely affect service life of the battery. The maintenance free, sealed calcium and nickel cadmium batteries contain an integral air expansion chamber which allows normal battery gassing created during charging to expand and recombine with battery electrolyte without passing to the external atmosphere. Under abnormal conditions, battery construction will allow for gas expansion to the outside atmosphere, but only to prevent violent rupture of the battery case.

    AC only: LED-6 watts

    Emergency Operation: LED 10 watts

    The ESW-WL-RC Series meets or exceeds all performance standards as required by UL 924, NFPA 70, NFPA 101, NEC and OSHA.