Vandal Resistant All Weather Exit Sign Red LED with Battery Backup

Vandal Resistant All Weather Exit Sign Red LED with Battery Backup

    Price: $225.00

    Code: ESW-VR-RB



    Vandal Resistant All Weather Exit Sign Red LED with Battery Backup
    The ESW-VR series of vandal resistant exits are designed to stand up to abuse in applications such as schools, public areas, institutions and apartment complexes where vandalism may potentially occur. The 14 gauge steel and polycarbonate faceplate offers extreme protection and superior performance. Tamper resistant screws insure the integrity of the unit. The heavy gauge steel construction of the ESW-VR housing requires that directional chevron arrows must be specified when ordering. The ESW-VR series is available configured with high-output LED's in AC only and self-powered operation versions.

    AC ONLY: standard 120/277VAC input
    SELF-POWERED: standard self-powered versions use sealed nickel cadmium batteries to provide a minimum 90 minutes of emergency duration. Optional 120 minute duration battery is available. Solid state charger and transfer.

    The ESW-VR series is constructed from heavy duty steel. Exit face(s) are 14 gauge steel backed with impact resistant polycarbonate. Tamper resistant screws are standard. The ESW-VR series comes standard with a white baked powder coat finish. Available in custom epoxy-based powder coat finishes (please specify). Single, double or universal face versions must be specified. The self-powered version comes standard with an external LED status indicator and test switch.

    The ESW-VR series exit is suitable for surface ceiling, wall and end mounting. Suitable for indoor installations.

    The ultra heavy duty design and appearance of the ESW-VR series exit warns potential vandals that this is no regular sign. The face plate Is constructed of durable 14 gauge steel that wraps around the frame for added protection. The exit is further protected by 1/8" thick, impact resistant polycarbonate that is sandwiched between the steel face plate and the stencil fiber. The form fitting face plate is attached to the frame with four (4) tamper resistant stainless steel screws. The all steel exit frame has been folded along the face and back plate edges in order to provide superior strength and durability. The steel back plate is also attached with four (4) stainless steel screws. Unlike incandescent light sources, the LED technology used in the ESW-VR series does not contain any delicate filaments or films that can lead to failure due to impact related damage. For ceiling and end mount applications the ESW-VR series is supplied with an extra heavy duty canopy (factory installed) that provides superior mounting

    The ESW-VR series is constructed of extra heavy duty steel with a 14 gauge steel face plate. Tamper resistant screws are standard. Exit fiber(s) are covered with impact resistant polycarbonate. Due to the extreme gauge of steel, directional chevron arrows must be specified when ordering. The ESW-VR series is supplied standard with an attractive and durable white, baked powder coat finish. Other colors are available, including custom color matching, please specify. The advanced design of the ESW-VR leaves it with no extraneous holes or slots that could be utilized by vandals for gaining entry. The face plate securely holds the shield and fiber in place by wrapping around the exit frame, increasing the rigidity of the entire unit.

    The ESW-VR self-powered series is designed to operate on battery
    power in the event of a regular / mains power failure. Both the
    battery and charger are completely contained within the standard
    enclosure. There are no external components and no
    alterations made to the external dimensions of the standard
    sign. The ESW-VR self-powered series utilize a solid state transformer technology that eliminates the possibility of relay failure due to particle build up on the relay. Status is easily determined via an LED that indicates AC-ON.

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