TLED602 Series LED Lighting Dusk to Dawn

TLED602 Series LED Lighting Dusk to Dawn

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    TLED602 Series LED Lighting Dusk to Dawn
    TLED602 series LED dusk-to-dawn fixture features an SSL light engine using LEDs that provides improvements in efficacy, lumen output, and lamp life compared to traditional dusk-to-dawn fixtures, while still maintaining the utility and flexibility required for a dusk-to-dawn fixture. The TLED612 housing is constructed of die-cast aluminum with a UV resistant, thermo-set polyester powder coat finish that provides durable protection from environmental conditions, corrosion and the elements as well as being UL listed for Wet Locations. The SSL light engine is protected by a high-impact, prismatic acrylic lens that also provides optic control.

    The TLED602 series has a die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel hardware, prismatic acrylic lens, silicon gaskets and a UV resistant, thermoset polyester powder coated finish. The TLED612 is completely sealed with silicon gaskets and is UL listed for Wet Location. The TLED612 offers a variety of mounting methods for many different applications.

    Our TLED602 series dusk-to-dawn delivers exceptional light quality, with a 5000K correlated color temperature, a CRI of ≥75, and a projected color shift of less than 1%. The TLED602 LED utilizes an acrylic lens that distributes the light evenly, delivering light where it is needed in the most efficient way possible. Producing over 2100 delivered lumens, the TLED602 has an L70 of 50,000 hours.

    A 120VAC twist-lock photocontrol is included with the TLED602-48-VSPC1TL as standard equipment; a 208-277VAC twist-lock photocontrol is an available optional accessory. The LED light engine used in the TLED602 is powered by a, high efficiency Class 2 LED driver with active power factor correction (0.99 typical), a IP67 rating and all around protection against over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit conditions as well lightning protection. The TLED602 driver has a standard input voltage of 120 ~ 277VAC 50/60Hz , a Class A EMI rating, and complies with UL8750 safety regulations and with ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Class A Operation. The TLED602 is suitable for operation in -30C (-22F) to 40C (104F) ambient conditions.

    Thermal Management
    The TLED602s LED light engine is mounted directly to the cast aluminum housing which also acts as a thermal heat sink; this configuration optimizes the thermal dissipation for the LEDs, which in turn, makes possible the high efficacy, lumen output and longevity of the TLED602.

    Environmentally Friendly Design
    TLED602 luminaires consume very little energy and provide long life in comparison to traditional lamp technologies, the TLED602-48-VS-PC1TL consumes only 48 watts, but the light output can be conservatively compared to a 100W or 150W HID luminaire of similar design. Our manufacturing process utilizes no hazardous substances such as mercury or lead . The TLED602 is 100% recyclable, and provides a significant reduction in Kw load and carbon emissions.

    The TLED602 series dusk-to-dawn luminaire features a design that can be mounted to any vertical surface using lag bolts or other comparable and suitable anchors, with a wiring compartment that is easily accessible without the need to remove the lens or disassemble the fixture. The TLED602 can also be mounted to existing 1-1/2 or 1-5/8 pipe mounts, offering the installer the flexibility to satisfy many different mounting applications and requirements. This is especially useful when using the TLED602 to retrofit older dusk-to dawn luminaires.

    Testing and Compliance
    The reliability and performance of the TLED602 is evaluated in accordance with the parameters outlined and reported by LM-79 and LM-80 documents. Photometric data is tested to IESNA LM-79-08 standard by an independent testing laboratory. Lumen maintenance, L70 a measure of long term reliability, is determined for the light source, which consists of the LED and PSB sub-assembly as installed in the luminaire, is determined using LM-80 in situ thermal and reliability data as provided by the LED manufacturer in accordance with DOE/EPA standards.

    UL listed for wet locations

    Any component that fails due to manufacturers defect is guaranteed for 5 years. The warranty does not cover physical damage, abuse or acts of God. Manufacturer reserves the right to charge for such repairs if deemed necessary.