Stealth Series Recessed Emergency Lighting Unit

Stealth Series Recessed Emergency Lighting Unit

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    Stealth Series Recessed Emergency Lighting Unit
    Standard with G2 Self-Test/Self-Diagnostics Following AC power failure, cover doors open instantly and provide emergency lighting to area required, with automatic retraction when AC power is restored. Cover doors may be color matched, textured, or even wall-papered to match any interior finish. When closed in normal mode, the unit is almost invisible. Universal Wall or Ceiling mount. Doors are operated automatically using a spring and solenoid with magnetic latch for years of worry-free operation. Flush fitting covers feature internal reflective surfaces to maximize light output. No unauthorized access to lamp heads prevents tampering.

    Dual MR16 Quartz Halogen lamps available in 20, 35, 50, or 75 watts. Lamps have a life of up to 5,000 hours, most installations will never require replacement. Swivel mounted lamps are fully adjustable and lock into the desired position.

    Universal AC input 120/277 VAC. Low power consumption in standby mode. Isolated switch mode power supply with regulated current and and voltage output to lamp load and battery. Automatic, controlled charge rate for fast charged and maxi- mum battery life.

    Advanced microprocessor continuously monitors all charger functions and battery condition. Automatically performs all tests and visual indications as required by UL 924. Multicolor LED diagnostic display. Optional full-function alpha-numeric display (remote test panel).

    In normal mode, dual lamp heads,charger and battery shall be fully recessed and covered by hinged doors with reflective internal surfaces and no exposed mounting screws. Upon loss of utility power, doors will open immediately, lamps will be energized and light will be reflected on to the path of egress. Upon restoration of utility power, lamps will extinguish and the reflective doors will automatically retract. The door linkage shall allow manual movement without breakage or misalignment. Door and lamp position shall be adjustable to allow placement of light beams to any desired position. Lamps shall be 12 VDC MR16 Quartz Halogens with total power rating up to 150 watts. The battery charger shall be an isolated power supply with universal 120/277 VAC input via two-wire feed. Automatic battery diagnostics shall be included with all models and shall perform all test functions and fault displays required by UL Standard 924.

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