Tritium Double Face Self Luminous Exit Sign White Face White Housing

Tritium Double Face Self Luminous Exit Sign White Face White Housing

    Price: $450.00

    Code: ESW-SLX2-WW



    Tritium Double Face Self Luminous Exit Sign White Face White Housing

    Tritium Self Luminous Exit Sign Codes and Compliance

  • NFPA Life Safety Code 101
  • U.L. 924
  • City of Los Angeles
  • State of California
  • Council of American
  • Building Officials
  • ISO 9001

    The ESW-SL series of self-luminous exits are designed for easy
    installation. The use of internally sealed tritium gas as the illumination source reduces general maintenance issues and operational costs. The ESW-SL series does not require electrical power, wiring or batteries. The ESW-SL series is available in single or double face versions. Housings are available constructed from
    durable corrosion resistant thermoplastic or industrial grade aluminum, please specify when ordering.

    Length 12.75" Height 8.25" Width 1"

    SELF-LUMINOUS: standard self-luminous versions are internally illuminated by maintenance free sealed tritium tubes. Tritium source illumination provides constant emergency illumination ranging from ten (10) to twenty (20) years.

    The ESW-SL series housing is available constructed from durable, corrosion resistant ABS thermoplastic or optional industrial grade aluminum. The ESW-SL housing is supplied standard with a red on white stencil and white or black frame finish. Wall, ceiling or end mounting configurations are available. Single or double face versions must be specified. Removable field adjustable chevron arrows are standard on each unit.

    The ESW-SL series exit is suitable for surface ceiling, wall and end mounting. Suitable for wet, cold and hazardous location installations.

    The ESW-SL series has been designed to perform in just about any environment. Requiring no external power source, installation is effortless and efficient. The practical design of the ESW-SL series allows installation and maintenance to be at a minimum. Since an external power source is not required, the installation of the ESW-SL series is not restricted by location or the lack of an easily accessible power source.

    The ESW-SL series is a completely self-powered, illuminated exit sign requiring no external power source of any kind. Barring destruction of the unit, the ESW-SL series self-luminous sign must be accounted for as being totally reliable during its predicted life. The ESW-SL series exit sign is always "ON" requiring no wiring or electrical installation, and as a practical and environmental matter, consumes no power of any kind. The ESW-SL series average life expectancy is 10 - 20 years.

    The ESW-SL series uses self-luminous tritium as a light source. Although this source emits light, it cannot be considered or measured in the same sense as incandescent (point) sources, where light is emitted evenly from an area rather than a point surface. The conventional unit of measurement is the microlambert. For convenience, the following definitions are provided:
    Lambert = The unit of brightness equal to 1/candles/cm
    Foot Lambert = The unit of brightness equal to 1/candles/ft = approximately 1000 microlamberts (the conversion factor is microlamberts = 1076 x foot lamberts, and foot lamberts = microlamberts /1076).

    The ESW-SL series is manufactured under stringent quality control
    procedures and meet all requirements of the Atomic Energy
    Control Board (AECB) and the Federal Nuclear Regulatory
    Commission. Illumination is achieved by using a permanent
    internal light source. Tritium emits relatively low energy beta
    particles that bombard the phosphorus coated glass tubes, this
    action generates light. Light emitting phosphors are designed
    and selected according to their color and light production efficiency.
    The ESW-SL series features several glass envelopes (tubes)
    that are encased behind plastic housing light diffusers. To
    reduce chances of breakage, the ESW-SL series features tritium tube shockproof mountings made of PVC.

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