New York City Approved Series Steel Emergency Lighting Unit

New York City Approved Series Steel Emergency Lighting Unit

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    Code: ESW-NY-LL



    New York City Approved Series Steel Emergency Lighting Unit
    ESW-NY-LL meets New York City requirements. NY-LL Steel Series combines performance and dependability into a rugged 20 gauge enclosure. Available in a wide variety of battery wattages and lamp styles to satisfy any application. 18W,27W,(6 volt) 50W,(12 volt) Maintenance-free, Sealed lead acid batteries Battery lockout circuit LVD - low voltage disconnect Choice of fully adjustable lamp heads Temperature compensation and brownout circuit Test switch and LED indicator light 120/277 VAC Rugged 20 gauge steel housing Units in white powder coated finish Overload/Short circuit resistance ETL listed Regulated charge voltage

    6V 18W(2) 9 watt head unit 14.5" Height 10" Length 2.5" Depth
    6V 27W (3)9 watt head unit 15.5" Height 14.5" length 10.5" Depth
    12V 50W (3)12 watt head unit 15.5" Height 14.5" length 10.5"Depth

    Illumination is accomplished with one or two thermoplastic or metal lamp heads mounted on top of the unit. The ESW LL6 and the LL12 series can accommodate up to three lamp heads. Most often specified is Exit Sign Warehouse round thermoplastic 9 watt H.I.T. lamp heads.

    Constructed of 20 gauge steel with a black or white corrosion resistant, epoxy powder coat finish. Easily mounted with universal knock-out pattern or shelf mounting. Includes a low profile test switch on side of unit.

    120/277 VAC dual voltage input with surge protected, solid state circuitry provides for a reliable charging system. Charging system is complete with low voltage disconnect, AC lockout, brownout protection, AC indicator lamp and test switch.

    Maintenance-free, sealed Lead Acid Battery performs in an an operating temperature range of 65°F (19°C) to 85°F (30°C). Batteries supply 90 minutes of emergency power. Battery lockout circuit allows battery to be connected even when AC power is not available.

    Exit Sign Warehouse products are electrically safe and meet or exceed the following: UL 924, N.E.C., OSHA, and N.F.P.A. Life Safety Code 101.

    Our Time Delay option is programmed to keep the incandescent lamp heads illuminated for 15 minutes after the restoration of AC power. This time period may be factory modified to meet specific needs. Please specify either 120VAC or 277VAC input.

    Any component that fails due to manufacturer's defect is guaranteed for 3 years, with a 5 year prorated warranty on the battery. Warranty does not apply to damages caused by improper installation, abuse, fire or acts of God.

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