New York City Approved Recessed LED Edge Lit Exit Sign Battery Back-up

New York City Approved Recessed LED Edge Lit Exit Sign Battery Back-up

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    New York City Approved Recessed LED Edge Lit Exit Sign Battery Back-up
    The ESW-NY-ELR Is New York City Compliant, It has 8" letters with 1" stroke. It has been developed with style, ease of installation and dependability in mind. Utilizing high-output indirect LED technology, the ESW-NY-ELR is a recessed mounted edge-lit EXIT sign with excellent light distribution. The ESW-NY-ELR series can be wall / ceiling recessed or surface mounted. End mount configurations are also available. The ESW-NY-ELR series can be configured for AC only and Self-Powered operation versions. The ESW-NY-ELR series features universal field adjustable chevrons.

    AC ONLY: comes standard configured with high-output LED technology, 120/277VAC input.
    SELF-POWERED: comes standard configured with high-output LED
    technology, 120/277VAC input. Nickel-cadmium batteries provide a
    minimum 90 minutes of emergency duration. Optional 120 minute
    duration battery is available. Solid state charger & transfer.

    The ESW-NY-ELR series housing backbox is constructed from durable 20 gauge steel. The acrylic face plate is available in both single face or double face versions, with a clear, mirrored Field adjustable chevrons are standard. The recessed version is supplied standard with a white, baked powder coat steel trim plate. Available in custom epoxy-based powder coat finishes (please specify). External LED monitor light and test switch are standard on self-powered versions.

    The ESW-NY-ELR series is suitable for recessed / surface ceiling or wall mounting. Suitable for indoor installations.

    The ESW-NY-ELR series of elegantly designed edge-lit exit signs feature a clean and contemporary look. The design brings style and flexibility to your next prestigious exit sign application. The indirect LED illumination evenly lights the acrylic face with crisp, even light. The ultra thin face plate virtually disappears once installed, yet the EXIT lettering boldly distinguishes the path of egress. The wide variety of finishes and mounting configurations available will ensure that the ESW-NY-ELR series can be easily matched to your decor.

    The ESW-NY-ELR series is configured with high-output LED lamps. Standard with 120/277VAC input. All LED versions consume only 1.1W nominal power. Optional emergency illumination is provided by the LED light source at the following wattages:
    6VDC - 0.5 Watts
    12VDC - 1.5 Watts
    24VDC - 3.5 Watts

    The ESW-NY-ELR series housing is constructed of sturdy 20 gauge steel. Ceiling recessed versions are supplied standard with removable steel T-Bar ceiling tile mounting brackets. All trim plates are supplied standard with an attractive and durable. Other colors are available, including custom color matching, please specify. Face plates for the ESW-NY-ELR series are constructed of clear, solid acrylic. Field removable directional chevron arrows are standard. The Recessed version face plates are held securely in place with two (2) torsion spring clips that allows the face plate to accommodate uneven or angled ceilings and walls. This design leaves no visible screws, nuts or fasteners.

    15" Length 10" Height 4" Width-Mounting Plate 17.5"

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