NIGHTFALL NF1 Series Cylinder LED Emergency Lighting Unit

NIGHTFALL NF1 Series Cylinder LED Emergency Lighting Unit

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    NIGHTFALL NF1 Series Cylinder LED Emergency Lighting Unit
    Product Overview
    Designed to blend with any environment, this surface down light provides an attractive, architectural, cylinder style to your emergency lighting needs. The high performance LEDs make this an ideal, yet decorative, choice for any indoor installation in long corridors, hotels, and shopping centers.

  • 50-55 foot on center spacing
  • Architectural, cylinder style design, surface mount downlight
  • 10 or 15 watt Luxeon LED options
  • Pure white light output at 5600K
  • Optical LED lens coupled with a prismatic polycarbonate lens for optimal light output and protection
  • Mounts with standard back plate to wall or ceiling, direct to J-box. Pendant mount (P6/P12) also available
  • Maintenance-free NiMH battery, standard
  • Optional PathSafe security/night lighting (SEC) allows the fixture to be used as an emergency lighting and as security/night lighting fixture
  • Optional Guardian (G2) self-testing/self-diagnostics available
  • Optional damp rating (DR) available
  • Standard finish: White
  • External LED status indicator and test button
  • 120-277 volt, 50/60 Hz input
  • Made in U.S.A.

  • Construction
    The Nightfall Cylinder is constructed of a rugged, extruded aluminum housing and canopy plate. Heat and impact resistant prismatic polycarbonate lens resists discoloration.

    Fixtures are supplied with high powered Luxeon LEDs offering 10 watts or 15 watts of light output with a pure white color temperature of 5600K. Optical lenses on the LED module combined with the prismatic polycarbonate lens produce an optimized elongated pattern of light throughout the path of egress. The high-performance LEDs have an expected life over 50,000 hours with normal use. Lamps are connected in parallel � if one lamp fails, the balance of the lamps will continue to operate.

    Electrical Input
    120-277 volt, 50/60Hz.

    Nickel metal hydride batteries are maintenance-free with a life expectancy of 15 years. NiMH batteries perform optimally in temperatures ranging from 0-40 degrees C.

    The Nightfall Cylinder will operate for a minimum of 90 minutes during a loss of power with a 24 hour minimum recharge time for the battery. The power supply delivers a regulated current and voltage to LED lamps to optimize lamp life. A momentary test switch and LED charge indicator are included.

    Brownout Circuit
    The brownout circuit monitors the flow of AC current to the unit and triggers the emergency lighting system once a set reduction of AC power occurs. This dip in the voltage will cause many fixtures to extinguish causing loss of normal lighting even though a total power failure has not occurred.

    Low Voltage Disconnect
    When the battery's terminal voltage falls below predetermined levels, the low-voltage circuit disconnects the emergency lighting load. The disconnect remains in effect until normal power is restored, preventing deep battery discharge and improving the life of the battery. The disconnect will also automatically reconnect the load circuit once the battery voltage returns to a normal value after charging.

    Solid-State Transfer
    The unit features a solid-state switching transistor which eliminates damaged contacts or mechanical failures associated with relays. The switching circuit is designed to detect a loss of AC power and automatically energizes the lamps. Upon restoration of the AC voltage, the emergency lamps will switch off and the charger will automatically recharge the battery.

    Overload and Short-Circuit Protection
    The solid-state overload monitoring system in the DC circuit disconnects the lamp load from the battery should excessive wattage demands be made and automatically resets when the overload or short-circuit is removed. This overload current protective characteristic eliminates the need for fuses or circuit breakers for the DC load.

    This Nightfall emergency unit mounts with a standard back plate to the wall or ceiling for traditional installations. Optional pendant mounting or mounting direct to J-box for exposed conduit applications such as unfinished ceilings are also available.

    Damp Location Rated (Option: DR)
    Damp location rating ensures the fixture is designed to operate safely in outdoor locations that are protected from the direct elements. Damp location rated fixtures may be installed indoors. Products with damp location ratings are not designed to withstand constant or significant moisture or direct contact with water or steam.

    Made in the USA
    Made in the U.S.A. and is in full compliance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requirements and Buy American provisions.

    Guardian Self-Test/Self-Diagnostics (Option: G2)
    The Guardian circuit continuously monitors the operating condition of the AC power, battery supply voltage, emergency lamp continuity and charging circuit.

    The purpose of this option is to provide visual signaling in response to a possible fault. If a failure is detected, visual status will occur immediately via the CHARGER LED and/or the BATTERY FAULT LED. The LEDs will stay illuminated until the fault is corrected.

    The Guardian circuit also monitors the transfer circuit and performs automatic code compliant testing. The Guardian circuit will perform a 30 second discharge and self-test every 28-30 days. A 90 minute discharge and self-test is performed every 6 months.

    Pathsafe Security Lighting/Night Light (Option: SEC)
    The PathSafe option allows the fixture to be used both as an emergency lighting fixture and security / night lighting fixture. Models with battery backup and the PathSafe option will operate each LED at 2 watts (SEC option) offering 50% output when in security lighting mode when connected to the active building AC supply and wired according to the installation instructions. The security lighting circuit is independent of emergency lighting and may be switched manually by exterior photocell (supplied by others) or other automatic means.

    Conformance to Codes & Standards
    The Nightfall Cylinder is ETL listed and meets or exceeds the following: UL 924, NEC requirements and NFPA 101.

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