Wet Location Vandal Resistant LED Combo Exit Sign With Battery Back Up

Wet Location Vandal Resistant LED Combo Exit Sign With Battery Back Up

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    Wet Location Vandal Resistant LED Combo Exit Sign With Battery Back Up
    The ESW-NAVC series vandal resistant combination exit sign is designed to stand up to high abuse areas such as correctional facilities, schools, apartment complexes, and public areas that may be subject to vandalism. The NAV-C exit combo features an IEC IP66 rating standard and is suitable for wet or hose down applications.

  • IP66 rated for wet and hose down locations - NEMA 4X
  • Heavy Duty 0.42 thick, cast aluminum housing
  • Impact-resistant, polycarbonate shield offers extreme protection
  • Fully-adjustable, high-intensity MR16 halogen lamps in wattages ranging from 5-20 watts
  • Back up available in 6 volt 42 watts or 12 volt - 45 watts
  • Guardian Self-Test/Self-Diagnostics (G2) standard
  • Tamper-resistant hardware standard
  • Extended 120 minute run time battery available
  • Universal Mounting - Ceiling, back or end mount
  • Constant, uniform illumination by long-life, high intensity, red or green LEDs
  • Fully-illuminated 6 characters with 3/4 stroke
  • Chevron-style, universal arrow knockouts
  • 120/277/347V, 60Hz input
  • Standard finishes: Black and white
  • Fixture series may be built to comply with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requirements and Buy American provisions

    DIMENSIONS 14"L x 13.25"W x 9"H

    The NAV series is constructed from .420 thick, heavy duty die-cast aluminum. The face plates are protected by high abuse clear polycarbonate, which is recessed into the housing. Tamper resistant screws are standard. NAV exits are available in single or double face configurations. The self- powered version comes standard with an external LED status indicator and infrared test switch. Stencil letters are 6 high with 3/4 stroke, with minimum of 100 ft viewing distance rating as required by UL924 standard.
    Vandal Lens
    Providing a vandal lens to exit fixtures offers additional protection to the unit against intentional or unintentional abuse.
    Illumination of the NAV series is achieved with high output, long lasting red or green LEDs exceeding UL 924 requirements for brightness and uniformity. An exclusive color-matched diffuser eliminates hot spots and striations, providing optimal light output. Illumination of the NAV series is accomplished utilizing high-intensity, long-life LEDs and consumes only 5 watts nominal power. LEDs provide excellent illumination while maximizing energy efficiency. LEDs are a maintenance-free solution, providing up to 100,000 hours of use without failure. EMERGENCY LIGHTS
    Bottom mounted lamp assembly contains two fully adjustable, high-intensity MR16 halogen lamps in wattages ranging from 5-20 watts. Lamp assembly is enclosed in a vandal-resistant polycarbonate shield. The high abuse, clear polycarbonate lens provides protection of the lamps. Tamper resistant screws are standard for the lamp housing. The emergency light enclosure comes standard with a vacuum metalized reflector for an aesthetic look. ELECTRICAL
    Input Dual-voltage input 120 or 277VAC @ 60Hz. sealed nickel Cadmium Battery - niCad (With Battery Only) ESW sealed nickel cadmium batteries are maintenance-free with a life expectancy of 15 years. Nickel cadmium batteries offer high discharge rates and continue to perform in a vast temperature range from 0-40 degrees C. NiCad technology provides long lasting, safe and reliable performance by utilizing the jelly-roll design and allows a Ni-Cad cell to deliver a much higher maximum current than an equivalent size alternative battery. As a relatively larger area of the electrode is in contact with the active material in each cell, the internal resistance for an equivalent sized NiCad cell is lower which increases the maximum current that can be delivered.
    Brownout Circuit
    The brownout circuit monitors the flow of AC current to the unit and triggers the emergency lighting system once a set reduction of AC power occurs. This dip in the voltage will cause many fixtures to extinguish causing loss of normal lighting even though a total power failure has not occurred.
    Low Voltage Disconnect
    When the batterys terminal voltage falls below predetermined levels, the low-voltage circuit disconnects the emergency lighting load. The disconnect remains in effect until normal power is restored, preventing deep battery discharge and improving the life of the battery. The disconnect will also automatically reconnect the load circuit once the battery voltage returns to a normal value after charging.
    solid-state transfer
    The unit features a solid-state switching transistor which eliminates damaged contacts or mechanical failures associated with relays. The switching circuit is designed to detect a loss of AC power and automatically energizes the lamps. Upon restoration of the AC voltage, the emergency lamps will switch off and the charger will automatically recharge the battery.
    Overload and short-Circuit Protection
    The solid-state overload monitoring system in the DC circuit disconnects the lamp load from the battery should excessive wattage demands be made and automatically resets when the overload or short-circuit is removed. This overload current protective characteristic eliminates the need for fuses or circuit breakers for the DC load.
    test Button
    Our easily located test button allows for manual verification of proper operation of the transfer circuit and emergency lamps.

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