HFA4 Series High Bay Fluorescent Six Lamp T8

HFA4 Series High Bay Fluorescent Six Lamp T8

    Price: $119.00

    Code: ESW-HFA4



    HFA4 Series High Bay Fluorescent Six Lamp T8
    HFA4 series high-bay fluorescent fixture is a great energy saving alternative to traditional HID high-bay fixtures. This fixture operates six lamps, comes equipped with Ballasts, and utilizes a quality welded and post painted construction. This quality luminaire is especially designed for those demanding projects that require maximum savings, with minimum payback period. Custom configurations will be available. Benefits of fluorescent high-bay luminaries include:
    ● Energy Saving Compared to HID systems with less heat and no noise.
    ● Exceptional Color Rendering
    ● High System Efficacy
    ● Long Lamp Life
    ● Instant On/Re-strike Capability
    ● Ballast and Lamp as a system is covered by Industries Warranty
    ● Quality Lamp holders
    ● Computer Designed Reflectors
    ● Compliant with Safety and performance standards.

    ● Warehouse
    ● Manufacturing facility
    ● Retail Store
    ● Gymnasium
    ● Cafeteria
    ● Auditorium

    ● Easy access to wiring compartment & ballast compartments
    ● Access plate provides access to electrical wiring without the need to open the fixture
    ● Knock-outs for easy electrical wiring and assembly
    ● Factory Installed Occupancy Sensor option
    ● Factory Installed Emergency ballast option
    ● Multiple power cord set options, (voltage, length, gage)
    ● Pendant mount kit provides a top J-box to simplify HID retrofit installations. Can be used with a hook or rigid conduit and fasteners
    ● Exclusive ballast access plates make for easy maintenance
    ● Choice of 95% Specular Enhanced Aluminum Reflector or 86% Diffuse White Reflector
    ● Heavy Duty Powder coated Post painted Steel Construction, no rusty edges!
    ● Custom configurations available
    ● Can be easily mounted by a single person
    ● Suspended or Pendant mounting insures a quick painless install
    ● Chain and V-Clip Hanging option
    ● Wire cable hanging option
    Height = 3.75"
    Length = 48.3"
    Width = 20.3