High Bay Fluorescent Lighting

High Bay Fluorescent Lighting

    Price: $115.00

    Code: ESW-HB-HXL



    High Bay Fluorescent Lighting
    Product Overview

    Precision-formed beveled reflector to achieve maximum light output Delivers either 20,000 lumens from four economical 54-watt H.O. lamps, or 30,000+ lumens from six lamps; replaces H.I.D. fixtures on a one-for-one basis Fixtures designed for surface, pendant, chain or stem mounting Ballasts are accessible by removal of socket-plate screws Four or six T8 or T5HO lamp positions Optional wireguard with innovative fastener design allows for easy lamp access Die-formed heavy-gauge cold rolled steel Post-painted white housing with either anodized or white aluminum reflector Multiple KOs and access plate on back for rapid wiring Optional emergency ballasts and cord sets available; “Reloc” and other wiring systems also available, consult factory

    *Mounting hardware included • Two “V-hangers” • Two 48-inch chains

    We often get the question how 4-lamp and 6-lamp T5 and T8 High Bays fare when compared with traditional HID and Mercury Lighting fixtures. By simply replacing your old fixtures with new Fluorescent T5 or T8 fixtures you can cut your wattage and yearly operating costs almost in half!