CX Series Recessed LED Edge Lit Exit Sign with MR 16 Emergency Downlight - Battery Backup - New York

CX Series Recessed LED Edge Lit Exit Sign with MR 16 Emergency Downlight - Battery Backup - New York

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    CX Series Recessed LED Edge Lit Exit Sign with MR 16 Emergency Downlight - Battery Backup - New York
  • Combo Edgelit Exit
  • Recessed LED Downlights
  • Field Adjustable Cheverons
  • Nicad Battery
  • 25 Year life LED Lamps and LED Downlights

  • The CX Series is a recessed mounted LED edge lit exit sign utilizing two adjustable high brightness 1 1/2 watt white LED MR 16 type lamps for code approved downlighting. A crystal clear acrylic panel hangs from the trim plate providing a slim nearly invisible aesthetic sign. The LED exit illuminator uses ultra high brightness piranha type RED LED's providing bright consistent illumination. The Two LED Downlights provide 10 foot candles on the floor below the sign. the unit utilizes high temperature Nicad batteries to provide 90 minutes of illumination during power failures. The Recessed housing has adjustable mounting bars to allow proper ceiling fit in any application.
    The Unit accepts input of 120 or 277 VAC, 60 Hz. Power consumptions is 1.9 watts and uses NIcad batteries. Charging is accomplished with a constant current charger capable of recharging as per UL 924 standard. No Mechanical relays are used transfer is accomplished using solid state circuitry.
    Recessed housing is constructed of 18 gauge galvanized steel. All electronics including battery are mounted and prewired in the housing allowing for complete wiring prior to the installation of the panel/trim assembly. The electronics are mounted on a removable sub-chassis to facilitate mounting and maintenance. The recessed housing is provided with vertically adjustable mounting bars allowing for a proper flush ceiling fit. 1/2" conduit knockouts are included on both sides as well as on the top of the housing.
    The LED iluminator consists of 10 ultra bright Piranha RED LEDs. The LED has nearly 180 degree emitting angle allowing for even illumination. The LED's are wired in sets of two, insuring in the unlikely event of a single LED failure. The sign will continue to be illuminated.
    LED MR16 Downlights
    The CX utilizes (2) Ultra high brightness white led mr 16 lamps type lamp. Each lamp is housed in an MR16 type style lamp of die cast construction for heat dissipation. Each LED MR16 lamp is adjustable 35 degree and will provide a minimum of 5 foot candles to meet local law 16/41 illumination requirements.
    The Trim/Panel assembly consists of two die formed clear acrylic attached to an extruded aluminum trim plate. The panel assembly consists of panel halves ultrasonically welded together, no hardware is visible. The trim/panel is attached to the housing using torsion springs. The EXIT letters are silk screened onto the acrylic, using a LED frequency matched paint. Each letter is outlined with a 1/8" groove. The standard trim finish is brushed aluminum, bright dipped to stop noticeable finger prints. Other trim finishes are available.
    UL 924 listed, life safety NFPA 101, NEC/OSHA, NEW YORK CITY APPROVED, 25 year warranty of LED lamps. Charger covered by 3 year warranty. Nicad batteries covered by 10 year warranty, 3 years complete and 7 years prorated.

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