Dusk Series 79 Watt LED Wall Pack

Dusk Series 79 Watt LED Wall Pack

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    Dusk Series 79 Watt LED Wall Pack
    Product Overview
    Large Wallpack/Wall Washer/Flood/Area Light

    Exit Sign Warehouse's Dusk series of LED luminaires is a versatile family of unique lighting fixtures that can be utilized to satisfy multiple application requirements, from wallpacks to floodlights or inverted for use as a wall washer.The TLED-NFL large LED wallpack is available in 79 watts with 7669 initial delivered lumens. An optional 2 slipfitter mount or a 6 pole mount arm is also available for floodlighting and area lighting applications.

    The Dusk Series has a precision designed aluminum housing with stainless steel hardware, tempered glass lens, silicon gaskets and a UV resistant, thermoset polyester powder coated bronze finish. The TLED-NFL is completely sealed with silicon gaskets and is UL listed for Wet Locations. The quick mount plate with built in bubble level allows for fast and easy installation. There is a knock-out in the top of the TLED-NFL housing to allow for the field installation of a photocontrol sensor. Thermal management is integral to the die-cast aluminum housing, with both the driver and the LED module each mounted directly to the housing in positions specifically designed to maximize heat dissipation and therefore increase the longevity reliability and performance of the TLED-NFL luminaire.

    The Dusk Series wallpack delivers exceptional light quality, with a standard correlated color temperature of 5000K with a CRI of ≥65 and optional CCTs of either 3000K or 4000K. The TLED-NFL LED light engine is fit with precision optical reflectors to distribute light forward and to the sides, producing an ideal wallpack distribution that maximizes fixture spacing while still delivering light where it is needed in the most efficient way possible. Producing 7669 delivered lumens, the TLED-NFL has an L70 of 100,000 hours.

    The Dusk Series includes 0-10V dimming as a standard option with LEDs powered by two constant current, high efficiency Class 2 LED drivers with active power factor correction (0.99 typical), a Wet Location rating, all around protection against over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit conditions, and lightning. The TLED-NFL drivers have a standard voltage sensing input of 120 ~ 277VAC 50/60Hz, a Class A EMI rating, comply with UL8750 safety regulations and with ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Class A Operation. The TLED-NFL is suitable for operation in -35C (-31F) to 50C (122F) ambient conditions.

    Thermal Management
    The LED module and driver are mounted directly to the purpose designed housing which functions as a dedicated, LEDLITElogic thermal heat sink. The heat sink is unique and has been sized to maximize the thermal dissipation of the wallpack housing. This configuration optimizes the heat removal for the LEDs and the driver, which in turn, makes possible the high efficacy, lumen output and longevity of the Dusk Series.

    Environmental Friendly Design
    The Dusk Series luminaires consume very little energy and provide long life in comparison to traditional lamp technologies. The TLED-NFL consumes only 78 watts, but the light output can be conservatively compared to a 250W HID luminaire of similar design. Our manufacturing process does not utilize hazardous substances such as mercury or lead. The TLED-NFL is 100% recyclable, and provides a significant reduction in Kw load and carbon emissions.

    The Dusk Series luminaire features a back plate design that can be easily mounted to any vertical surface, and is readily wired to a recessed J-box. An optional 2 slipfitter mount or a 6 pole mount arm is also available for floodlighting and area lighting applications. Suitable for inverted mounting. Optional tamper-resistant hardware is available for applications where there is a high rate of vandalism, theft or in high traffic public spaces.

    ARRA - Buy America (Option USA)
    Fixture series may be built to comply with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requirements and Buy American provisions - call factory for details.

    Photocell (Accessory: PC)
    Optional photocontrol provides dusk-to-dawn security. Input voltage must be specified to match the input voltage that will power the fixture.

    Testing & Compliance
    The reliability and performance of the Dusk Series is evaluated in accordance with the parameters outlined and reported by LM-79 and LM-80 documents. Photometric data is tested to IESNA LM-79-08 standard by an independent testing laboratory. Lumen maintenance, L70 a measure of long term reliability, is determined for the light source, which consists of the LED and PSB sub-assembly as installed in the luminaire, is determined using LM-80 in situ thermal and reliability data as provided by the LED manufacturer in accordance with DOE/EPA standards.

    The Dusk Series is UL certified under UL1598 specifications and is UL listed for Wet Locations in all mounting configurations.

    10 year warranty. See Exit Sign Warehouse and Conditions for details.