Ultra Efficient LED Canopy Luminaire 12"

Ultra Efficient LED Canopy Luminaire 12"

    Price: $395.00

    Code: ESW-C12



    Ultra Efficient LED Canopy Luminaire 12"
  • Saves up to 75% of current energy costs
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mercury-free
  • Maintenance free for 11+years

  • Features and Benefits
  • 36W or 50W available
  • Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing
  • Sealed assembly (dirt and bug free)
  • Comparable to 175 Watt MH or 150 Watt HPS

  • ESW Canopy LED lighting is the environmentally friendly, cost-effective, maintenance-free alternative to traditional lighting. ESW's canopy fixtures use up to 75% less energy and contain no mercury. These LED fixtures are extremely durable, providing quality, efficient maintenance- free illumination for more than ten years. The fixtures can be mounted to a recessed outlet box or be surface-mounted. They can be cleaned with a simple hose down. Whether you are lighting exteriors, entryways, breezeways, walkways, perimeters, parking garages, storage areas, or industrial/commercial spaces, Howard Canopy LED fixtures are the perfect solution.

    Luminaire will be constructed of a one-piece cast aluminum alloy.
    Lens made of a clear single piece UV stabilized prismatic polycarbonate.
    LED Module
    The LED light engine utilizes an aluminum metal clad board for maximum heat transfer, resulting in longer life. The module consists of various secondary optics allowing direction and intensity of the light to be tightly controlled. Control of the LEDs allow Howard fixtures to maintain light levels equal to or greater than that of MH and HPS fixtures at a much lower energy consumption level and with an expected life that is greater than 50,000 hours.
    LED Driver
    Constant current device with a high-power factor correction to maximize power utilization. Meets UL 1310/UL 48 Class 2 with a built- in over-temperature protection. All drivers are rated IP66, 100% factory tested, and when an optional lightning surge protector is used driver is rated @ 100,000 hours. Input voltage from 100-277 VAC. Finish/Color
    Finish is polyester powder coat paint, 2.5 mil nominal thickness; A.S.T.M. The standard colors are black and white. Custom colors are available. Consult factory.
    Fixture mounts to recessed outlet box or can be surface mounted.