Lighting Rebate

Lighting has proven to be one of the largest energy expenses for businesses around the nation. Research has shown that the lighting costs can be controlled with little to no investment with help from Exit Sign Warehouse and your local power companies. In Los Angeles County The Department of Water and Power and Edison have rebates in place to save on your monthly energy expenses. We have put a together a few tips on how to save electricity. Simply turning off unused lights is a good start. Select the right size and type of lamps, cleaning the fixtures and eliminating unnecessary lights can reduce your energy costs even further. Most existing lighting systems have good and bad features. The best way to begin a lighting survey of your facilities is to determine what the good features are and what you can do to correct or eliminate the bad ones. Currently LEDs and energy efficient fluorescent are replacing there predecessors. For example replacing T12 bulbs with T5 bulbs will save on energy and increase lighting output. Replacing all your building incandescent exit signs with LED exit sign will save you on average on 30-40 dollars per year. Please contact Exit Sign Warehouse and speak with our trained consultants.