HID Wall Packs

Wall Packs; What Are Wall Packs?

Wall Pack lights are as their name implies, a lighted pack fixture that illuminates a walkway, lot, or side area of a building; it can cover a wide radius or any large area. What the name does not imply is that wall packs have set the standard for security lighting because of their effective lighting capabilities that is necessary for providing a secure perimeter when safety is a concern. Wall Packs are just as versatile as the buildings they cover, they can suit anyones needs as there are various kinds of lamps that come in all sizes. Using lamps or bulbs that conserve power are generally what consumers look for, far more than those that use more energy than they put out. Lighting fixtures such as wall packs have become a necessity, as there are a variety of environmentally friendly and energy efficient wall packs such as metal halide, low- and high-pressure sodium, LED, and compact fluorescent fixtures that have increased luminous efficacy.

Types of Wall Pack lighting

It is difficult to ascertain which wall pack lighting fixtures will best serve ones needs as there are many superlative light fixtures that are reliable in that they remain long-lasting with little to no maintenance and above all, are still energy efficient and environmentally safe. It is safe to say that investing in high quality wall packs provides significant advantages over light fixtures that may deteriorate in areas that are prone to severe weather, or prolonged thermal indices, such as extreme hot or cold or simply, heat stress. Basically the less energy a wall pack utilizes, the less heat is produced therefore, even lamps that require low maintenance and replacements, are of little cost because the bulbs life is extended. When replacements are needed, energy efficient wall packs and other lighting fixtures guarantee a mere one-time cost to meet the needs of those adhering to a strict budget. Utilities are always a concern and for those concerned about energy efficiency, there are fluorescent and metal halide lamps that can provide exceptional lighting and still remain extremely cost-efficient. Many quickly learn that green initiatives are far more cost-efficient and decide to upgrade to energy saving, long-lasting wall packs.

Why Buy Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

It is important to focus on long-term savings because even though the cost-reduction may seem subtle at first, over time energy efficient wall pack lighting fixtures not only lead to lower electricity bills but also lead to significant savings over an extended length of time! HANDLE WITH ENVIRONMENTAL CARE Light pollution caused by man-made lighting fixtures is a harmful form of energy waste that interferes with and disrupts ecosystems. This luminous pollution causes problems that have concerned people since the 80s when the dark-sky initiative sparked the beginning of a movement that sought to reduce the amount of light pollution caused by artificial light sources. In many cases, luminous pollution is a direct result of inefficient lighting that is ineffective in increasing nighttime security. The dark sky initiative led to regulations that aim to put an end to and prevent light pollution, provide and increase night-time security, and adhere to dark sky codes in accordance with the city and state laws. Some states require lighting fixtures to be energy efficient and eco-friendly, in an effort to make all businesses utilize energy efficient wall packs.