Flex Green

Global signage efficiency experts from Exit Sign Warehouse (ESW) announced today that their groundbreaking Flex Green campaign will officially launch on July 1st of 2009, and if implemented properly by conscientious businesses, the program will make a significant impact on the environment and a companys bottom line.

By working with fiscally and environmentally responsible businesses to upgrade something as simple as their current exit sign technology, the authors of the Flex Green campaign at ESW have created an opportunity for involved businesses to connect with regional power and water companies in an effort to upgrade various, code compliant (UL 924 listed) exit sign technology in their respective locations at little or no expense to the business. Beyond saving substantial money by not paying for the conversion, the money saved yearly by using cutting-edged LED or Photo-luminescent technology is often staggering when calculated. By replacing traditional fluorescent or incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs a business can save up to $40 per exit sign per year. For example, a facility with 200 exit signs can save up to $8000 per year on their electric bill.

Beyond the financial upside to the campaign, the upgraded sign technology is a massive improvement to the environment. Beyond raw energy savings, the efficiency, recycling and efficacy improvements of the updated technology have a positive environmental impact that hopefully will become mandatory once the powers that be embrace the pure importance of ESW and their revolutionary Flex Green campaign.

For more information on how your business can benefit, visit www.exitsignwarehouse.com or call 1-888-953-EXIT (3948).