Emergency Light Batteries

Emergency Light Batteries

Today most exit signs, exit lights, emergency lights are dual powered. Two of the bulbs are always on at all times, using AC power. The second set of bulbs is powered by the internal back up battery. These are called the DC bulbs. The exit sign battery or emergency light batteries will go into action if the AC power is cut for any reason. Exit signs and emergency lights which are required to have a 90 minute battery backup. These signs and lights have a small switch or a small button on the side or on the front of the Exit Sign. This is the test button. This test button will check the effectiveness of your back up battery by lighting up the DC bulbs. If after depressing this test button, the DC bulbs do not activate, you may need to replace your Exit Sign battery or your emergency light battery. Exit Signs and Emergency Lights are required to have a battery backup unless a generator is provided for emergency power. No Exit Signs or Emergency lights will be powered exclusively by a battery! Exit Sign Warehouse can supply virtually any Exit Light or Exit Sign with batteries that you desire. We stock thousands of sealed lead acid, nickel cadmium (NiCd battery or NiCad battery) , pure lead batteries. If in doubt or have any questions please give Exit Sign Warehouse a call (888-953- EXIT) for any of your battery needs.

How Long Do Emergency Light Batteries Last?

Nickel Cadmium batteries were invented over 100 years ago! Nickel cadmium batteries or Ni-Cd batteries have a terminal voltage during discharge of approximately 1.2 volts which decreases minimally until nearly the end of discharge. Ni-Cd batteries are made in a wide range of sizes and capacities, from portable sealed types interchangeable with carbon-zinc dry cells, to large ventilated cells used for standby power and motive power. Compared with other types of rechargeable cells they offer good cycle life and capacity, good performance at low temperatures, and work well at high discharge rates (using the cell capacity in one hour or less). However, the raw materials are higher than other types such as the sealed lead acid battery. The benefit of sealed Ni-Cd batteries is that require no maintenance. The Typical life span is 3-5 years this life span depends of how many discharges and temperature of the battery. A VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead acid battery) more commonly known as a sealed battery is a lead acid rechargeable battery which lasts 2-4 years. New energy efficient LED emergency lighting batteries fixtures are utilizing the Ni CAD Batteries due to there longer shelf life. Ni-Cd batteries are used in many applications

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    How do You Choose The Right Emergency Light Battery?

    Selecting the right emergency light batteries can be a daunting task. The first thing you need to do is open the face of the sign or the emergency light. Once you have access to the battery there is a set of numbers and letters. For example the 6V4.5ah Is a 6 Volt 4.5 ah sealed lead acid battery which is very common in emergency exit lighting. If you have any questions or feel free to call 888-953-EXIT or you can email pictures to info@exitsignwarehouse.com