Circuit Breakers

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Circuit breakers are at the core of any electrical system including commercial buildings, schools, homes, apartment complexes and any other structure requiring electricity. Picking the perfect circuit breaker for your needs is not necessarily easy since many factors come into play such as cost, budget, electrical load and placement. Exit Sign Warehouse specializes in making sure you select the most ideal solution for your circuit breaker needs. It is easy to pick a circuit breaker with a load too high which is usually safe but ends up costing more than is necessary for the specified application. On the other hand, choosing a circuit breaker that cannot handle the appropriate load can result in fire, injury and even death. A circuit breaker normally needs to handle at least 100% of continuous load measured in amperage although if you have electrical load spikes that last longer than a minute you will need a circuit breaker that can handle the maximum load generated during spikes. Exit Sign Warehouse provides professionally trained representatives so you can have peace of mind about your circuit breakers. We Stock thousands of new and recon circuit breakers with wholesale prices. We will beat any of our competitors prices.