Build A Village

U.N. / VAM / Exit Sign Warehouse:

Exit Sign Warehouse Aligns With The United Nations And Voices of African Mothers To Launch Their 'Build A Village' Campaign

Exit Sign Warehouse is proud to announce that their "Build A Village" campaign has just aligned with Voices of African Mothers and the United Nations in an effort to bring some much needed funding and awareness to the citizens of Ghana.

"Build A Village," is a campaign created by the founders of ESW, who wanted to continue their effort to create social and ecological change by donating a percentage of all proceeds generated by the sale of their super energy efficient "Photo-luminescent" exit signs from this day forward. The campaign will not only generate money to help Voices of African Mothers construct a school, doctor's office, homes and much more in war-torn Ghana, but it will also raise awareness by illuminating the environmental benefits of "Photo-Luminescent" technology.

ESW considers this a call to action, much like their Flex Green campaign, which benefits the U.S. Although a small company, ESW is determined to show that if your heart is big, your company can follow. The "Build A Village" campaign plans to do their part throughout Africa in the future. Visit the ESW site and learn how you can help build a village by getting free exit signs.