LED Area Lights

What are LED Area Lights?

LED area lights are considered the best lighting solutions for open spaces that need maximum illumination at night. LED Area Lights have a contemporary designs and provide excellent vertical luminance which is necessary to avoid wasteful and unwelcome light pollution in which could spill into neighboring properties. By todays standards modern brands manufacture units that have up to 50,000 burning hours. This means that they can operate for more than ten years before needing replacement. Newer designs also integrate dimmable drivers that adapt to the lighting conditions of an area, thereby reducing off-site and on-site glare. As an example, parking spaces can be brightened at night using LED area lights. This is particularly helpful in providing effective security light levels for places that need round the clock monitoring. Visibility is greatly improved with these lighting applications that is why they are usually used in tandem with closed-circuit television systems (CCTVs).
  • Parking Lots
  • Parks
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Tennis Courts
  • Security Lights
  • Energy Savings
  • Rebates

    Why invest in LED area lights?

    Customers invest in a LED area lights due to their flexibility, style, and scalability when it comes to lighting open spaces. Most units are resistant to water and corrosion for them to withstand varying weather conditions. Furthermore, modern designs eliminate the need for regular maintenance due to their long rated life and impressive lifespan. LED area lights save energy and money over HID Lights, Property owners can now enjoy the benefits of secured lighting with roughly half the electricity consumption. LED area lights are now more affordable in todays industrial market. They can be purchased exclusively at Exit Sign Warehouse. Contact your local power company and take advantage of the rebates and incentives by switching from HID lights to LED Area light fixtures